Thursday, November 29, 2012

Dreams Don't Work Unless You Do

Have you ever found yourself faced with a life-changing decision but figuring out exactly how to push yourself out of the nest (your comfort zone) and make that first move seemed almost impossible?  Many times the picture in our heads is blown WAY out of proportion and we make it much scarier than it really is. 

I compare it to "the boy".  A few summers ago he was so scared to go tubing on the lake, we practically had to throw him in the water just to get him to try it once.  He was SO nervous about it!  But after a few minutes on the tube, he was giving hand signals for his uncle to make the boat go faster.  And after several minutes and a few wipe-outs, he got back in the boat and said "Thank you for convincing me to go tubing.  That was SO much fun!" 

In his mind, tubing was so much scarier than it ended up being in real life.  That first step was almost inconceivable.  But the thrilling outcome totally outweighed the initial discomfort he felt and he soon forgot about the fear.  He stepped way out of his comfort zone, tried something new, and the "risk" paid off in the end! 

Is fear of the unknown causing you to put off decisions you need to make; decisions that will move you in the direction of your dreams?

Believe me, pushing yourself out of the nest  (or off the cliff) is frightening.  I tried it today and I feel incredibly accomplished.  I FINALLY did something tangible towards that dream!  I don't know where it will lead.  I don't know if I'll even want to continue down that path, but I took that initial step and I tried.  And I wasn't forced to take the step, I CHOSE TO TAKE IT. 

And I'm PUMPED. 

And I feel like DANCING!!!!!

Try to step out of your cozy, comfortable, safe place.  If you're too scared, contact me.  I'll give you a pep talk!  I want you to feel this incredible feeling I'm experiencing right now!  Your dreams are really important to you, right? 

Well don't forget, dream don't work unless you do.

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