Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Be Led By Your Dreams

Having so many dreams in your heart can be pretty overwhelming at times.  It feels as though there's never enough time to accomplish them, which can lead to frustration and feelings of failure... just like placing too much focus on the number on the scale.

My career dream... well, here we go again.  I just blogged about this on November 15 in "Patiently" WaitingI've always felt as though I was a pretty patient person, but apparently that's only in certain areas. 

My patience is being tested in a big way with my career dream.  I'm really okay with it because it means God is at work, yet I'm super antsy.  The fact is I was placed here for a reason and God hasn't said it's time to move. 


I desire...
...to stop focusing on all the problems in my current role and focus on the blessing of a good-paying job with great benefits and amazing people around me. 
...to surround myself with people who are going to support me and encourage me to make my dreams come true! 
...to stand firm in my beliefs, stand for what's right, and withstand the vampires around me (negative people who suck the positivity right out of you).
...to battle insecurity and inferiority and work on not judging.
...to be patient and trust God's plan.
...to do what I can to help others follow their dreams - especially while God keeps me where He has me.

What's testing your patience right now?  When you think of being led by your dreams, what is it that your heart desires?


  1. This is so good. Thanks for sharing :)


  2. You're SO welcome, Katherine! I appreciate those kind words!! I'm headed to your blog to check it out now!!!