Monday, November 19, 2012

An Elle Woods Moment

Y'all.  Zumba Glo/Glow (whichever) - was a BLAST!  Let me set the scene for you…

I arrived a little early and they were still setting up.  I didn’t go right in because I couldn't see anyone wearing bright colors.  I sat in my car, waiting for people to arrive.  One by one they exited their vehicles and walked inside wearing dark clothing.  I started feeling sick.  I thought “what in the world did I get myself into?  Was I mistaken?  Did I read something wrong?  Weren't we supposed to wear bright colors and 'go all out'?  Do I look ridiculous?  What if no one else is as over the top as me?"

You know that scene in Legally Blonde where Elle Woods walks into a party, in costume, and no one else is wearing one?  That's what I envisioned was about to happen.  I even called my husband in a panic, telling him I was considering going home because I didn't want to look stupid infront of a ton of people I didn't know.  (Insecurity and inferiority again, my friends).  The only thing that stopped me from going home was the fact that two friends were supposed to meet me there.  I hadn't heard of any changes with them so I was just praying they would show up.  So, I said goodbye to my husband (after his pep talk), took the final swig of my protein shake, and mustered up the courage to go in.


I walked in and was greated by an instructor.  I asked her imediately if I was overdressed - she, of course, said NO WAY!  I started feeling better.  I noticed two other women wearing a little neon and I could breathe again.  Slowly others started to arrive and the neon increased!  AND, my friends showed up - one wearing neon!  We put on our glow necklaces and got started!  Let me tell ya, those folks from Casa de Fitness can WORK IT OUT!

We danced and danced.  It was so much fun. I even learned how to do that "Gangnam Style" dance!  (See Ellen DeGeneres and Britney Spears learn how on 'Ellen')! 

The best part was the dance-off!  My first one EVER.  The room split in half and we took turns backing each other up with different dance moves.  I even rocked a little honky-tonk/hip-hop move that came out of nowhere!  It was a blast.  See what Satan tried to keep me from enjoying?  I burned calories, I met new people, I had so much fun, and I can't wait to do it again!  I'm sorry I don't have more photos from the night, hopefully I can snag some from someone else.

DON'T LET SATAN STOP YOU.  I didn't allow him to convince me to go home.  I stayed.  And it was worth EVERY sore muscle!  When he tries to trick you and tell you lies, turn to him and say...

"I'm sorry, maybe you didn't hear me.  I told you to GET BEHIND ME!  NOW GO AWAY!" 

Don't let him win... and don't give up!


  1. I always thought you looked a little like Reese! I'm glad you stayed. That's courage and confidence and I bet you were so proud of yourself in the end.

  2. Ha!! Thanks!! I really did feel great during and after dancing... SO MUCH FUN!!!

  3. I did Zumba once, it was fun but boy did my knee hurt the next day, that always happens when I do any kind of dancing, my husband says it is because I am a stomper. LOL

    1. So funny! We actually "stomped" at Hip Hop Hustle last night... several times. It was fun! I'm usually pretty sore afterwards and can barely get up after I sit down. It really is a party and I love that getting fit can actually be that fun!!

  4. Hi, I just found your blog :)

    Check out my top 10 healthy tips for Thanksgiving!

    1. ROCK ON!! Thanks so much for sharing, Katherine!!