Friday, November 30, 2012

What If?

Why do we place ourselves in a box, believing we can only do what's normal or easy?  What holds us back from moving in the direction of our dreams?  Who or what has influenced the way we progress, or don't, towards them?  Are we willing to change what we've been settling for to make our dreams come true?

Discovering the answers to these questions could be the difference between living our dreams or continuing to settle for a life of "wouldn't it be nice".

We all certainly need some amount of money to provide for ourselves and our families.  And to achieve our dreams, funding is typically needed. This creates the need for a job.  There are times we have to take the job we can get to make ends meet, but that doesn't have to be the end of the road.  I see it as a starting point!

A friend shared this video on Facebook this week and, after watching is, my heart was changed.  I immediately looked at my dreams, my future, and the message we're sending to children in a new way. 

How would you answer the question "What if money didn't matter?"

Thursday, November 29, 2012

Dreams Don't Work Unless You Do

Have you ever found yourself faced with a life-changing decision but figuring out exactly how to push yourself out of the nest (your comfort zone) and make that first move seemed almost impossible?  Many times the picture in our heads is blown WAY out of proportion and we make it much scarier than it really is. 

I compare it to "the boy".  A few summers ago he was so scared to go tubing on the lake, we practically had to throw him in the water just to get him to try it once.  He was SO nervous about it!  But after a few minutes on the tube, he was giving hand signals for his uncle to make the boat go faster.  And after several minutes and a few wipe-outs, he got back in the boat and said "Thank you for convincing me to go tubing.  That was SO much fun!" 

In his mind, tubing was so much scarier than it ended up being in real life.  That first step was almost inconceivable.  But the thrilling outcome totally outweighed the initial discomfort he felt and he soon forgot about the fear.  He stepped way out of his comfort zone, tried something new, and the "risk" paid off in the end! 

Is fear of the unknown causing you to put off decisions you need to make; decisions that will move you in the direction of your dreams?

Believe me, pushing yourself out of the nest  (or off the cliff) is frightening.  I tried it today and I feel incredibly accomplished.  I FINALLY did something tangible towards that dream!  I don't know where it will lead.  I don't know if I'll even want to continue down that path, but I took that initial step and I tried.  And I wasn't forced to take the step, I CHOSE TO TAKE IT. 

And I'm PUMPED. 

And I feel like DANCING!!!!!

Try to step out of your cozy, comfortable, safe place.  If you're too scared, contact me.  I'll give you a pep talk!  I want you to feel this incredible feeling I'm experiencing right now!  Your dreams are really important to you, right? 

Well don't forget, dream don't work unless you do.

Wednesday Wow Factor!

Week 48
Start date
: 12/28/11
Initial weight:
Current weight:
Total weight loss:
15 pounds!

Last week's dream focus: I won’t go wild with Thanksgiving food intake this week, but will slowly enjoy small portions of my favorites!  I plan to go to the gym as much as possible, including the 80’s/90’s Zumba party next Tuesday!  As always, I plan to continue telling the devil to get behind me and engulf myself with positivity and prayer.

What went well: I went to the gym 5 out of 7 days over the holiday week!  YAY!  I did the Turbo Kick class and it was pretty challenging, but I hung in there and completed it (and was sore for two days)!  I had two friends join me for fitness classes Monday and Tuesday, and another one actually joined the gym yesterday!!! YEE HAW!!!  Finally, a fitness buddy to hold me accountable!  I’m beyond excited about that! 
I didn’t go hog wild with my eating over the holiday week, but I did eat more than I normally would.  I didn’t get hung up on it and instead kept my eyes on my dream and focused on going to the gym. 
My Facebook page has recently grown in number of "likes" and I'm connecting with SO many amazing people going through (or who have been through) similar journeys!  It feels SO good to remember I'm not alone in this and there are people who have overcome much more than I'm faced with.  I'm ultra-inspired by all these incredible warriors!
Bonus:  I thought the new pair of size 16 pants I bought a couple of weeks ago would only fit well if I wore Spanx, but I found out this morning I DON'T EVEN NEED THEM!  These 16's fit just the way 16's should!  Not tight... and with wiggle room!  OH ME OH MY!  I'm so darn happy!
Challenges: Keeping myself from grazing at family meals was difficult.  I would find myself eating mindlessly like the old me, but when I noticed it, I felt kind of grossed out.  I don't want to be that way anymore so it was a little easier to stop!  SWEET! 
Turbo Kick was a challenge.  Period.  :)
This week's dream focus: Start doing more weight training than cardio to build muscle, lose inches, and prevent sagging skin as I lose weight; buy heathier foods and bring them to work instead of eating animal crackers for lunch (which is not an acceptable meal); research good nutrition and start implementing better foods into each day; and keep focused on my dream!

Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Be Led By Your Dreams

Having so many dreams in your heart can be pretty overwhelming at times.  It feels as though there's never enough time to accomplish them, which can lead to frustration and feelings of failure... just like placing too much focus on the number on the scale.

My career dream... well, here we go again.  I just blogged about this on November 15 in "Patiently" WaitingI've always felt as though I was a pretty patient person, but apparently that's only in certain areas. 

My patience is being tested in a big way with my career dream.  I'm really okay with it because it means God is at work, yet I'm super antsy.  The fact is I was placed here for a reason and God hasn't said it's time to move. 


I desire... stop focusing on all the problems in my current role and focus on the blessing of a good-paying job with great benefits and amazing people around me. surround myself with people who are going to support me and encourage me to make my dreams come true! stand firm in my beliefs, stand for what's right, and withstand the vampires around me (negative people who suck the positivity right out of you). battle insecurity and inferiority and work on not judging. be patient and trust God's plan. do what I can to help others follow their dreams - especially while God keeps me where He has me.

What's testing your patience right now?  When you think of being led by your dreams, what is it that your heart desires?

Monday, November 26, 2012

So You Think You're A Judge?

In this battle against Satan and his dirty little secret of using inferiority and insecurity to keep us stuck in misery, there's something else we need to be aware of... judging.
I'll be honest and admit I judge way more than I want to, should, or even realize.  Sunday during my dad's sermon God showed me how I was judging during Turbo Kick on Saturday.  I knew I was beginning to feel insecure and inferior during the class and I was able to shut out those thoughts.  But remember me describing "super-thin, very athletic, competitive, get the moves right or else girl" in my "Butt = Kicked" post? 
Well that was me judging her. 
I don't even know her or what she's been through.  I don't know her personality, her victories, her struggles, her past, or her needs.  I said a couple of casual words to her and passed a few smiles her way, but that's where our interaction ended... or so I thought.  I was never mean or hateful to her, but God made it very clear Sunday how wrong I was to even describe her as "super-thin, very athletic, competitive, get the moves right or else girl".
Do you see how Satan used my insecurities and inferiority to weave a story about a girl I didn't know?  Because I felt anything but thin, totally uncoordinated and non-athletic in a class I'd never taken, I wrongly judged her in my mind, then put those ugly words on my blog that's meant to inspire and motivate me and others. 
I never want to be this person.

I want to see people with a caring and compassionate heart.  I want to be someone others can come to for help or an ear to listen and pray with, in faith.  I want to talk back to my insecurities and inferiorities and be more aware of times I'm tempted to judge someone else because of them. 
The Bible tells us clearly that it's not our place to judge others.  Simply put, it says...

1 Peter 3:8-17 (The Message) "... Be agreeable, be sympathetic, be loving, be compassionate, be humble. That goes for all of you, no exceptions. No retaliation. No sharp-tongued sarcasm. Instead, bless - that's your job, to bless. You'll be a blessing and also get a blessing. Whoever wants to embrace life and see the day fill up with good, Here's what you do: Say nothing evil or hurtful; Snub evil and cultivate good; run after peace for all you're worth."   See the New King James Version here.

I want to change my judging behavior, not only for my own blessings and to fulfill my own dreams, but to help others do the same... to bless others, to lift them up, to encourage and motivate and inspire and cheer on!  I want to overcome and I want to help others overcome.  I want to make others very aware of how nasty, evil Satan uses these tricks against us - to cause us to stay stuck and unfruitful.  To cause division and hatred and jealousy.  It's not okay and we have to stand up against him! 

Remember, he can't MAKE us do anything... we chose what we think, what we say, what we do, and how we feel.



Sunday, November 25, 2012

Break Up With Your Scale

Yesterday, I came across a blog post that confirmed what I'm trying hard to do: break my relationship with the scale.  It expanded on what I've been feeling but hadn't put into words AND it opened my eyes to new ways to break free from that dependency to weigh myself all the time!

Rebekah "Bex" Borucki at featured guest poster Nadya Andreeva who wrote "SCALE WARS: Scales & Happiness - Why They Don't Go Well Together".  Here's her AMAZING POST! 

(Please know: these aren't my words, they came from Nadya via  I wanted to share her amazing perspective with you because it spoke so loudly to me!)

SCALE WARS: Scales & Happiness - Why They Don't Go Well Together

by Nadya Andreeva

How and why I became independent from the scale and you should, too.
We all have a routine that we follow every morning. Whether we realize it or not but it determines the state of our mind and energy for the rest of the day. If you take care of yourself, your body responds with good energy, health and happiness. If you don’t, cravings, fatigue, and crankiness take over.
Sometimes we are not very careful choosing what activities go into our morning routine. Many women do one things that adds very little value but can negatively impact the whole day. Welcome to the club of daily weighing.
My morning routine used to be: wake up, brush my teeth, weight myself, happy or unhappy based on that weight, decide what to eat for the rest of the day (or sometimes not to eat). Yoga and meditation followed but even they could not always reverse the negative effects of not being at the ‘perfect’ weight.
Basically, my mood and in some ways my day was dependent on a number that fluctuates from a ton of variables starting from water and sodium intake, to the weather and exercise the previous day.
Half of my day would be spent in internal struggle. I would look for justifications of the weight fluctuation and try to convince myself that I am still a beautiful and a worthy human being at this weight. It was definitely not a productive way to spend precious time.

Reasons Not to Weigh Yourself Daily
Besides negatively impacting your self-esteem, there are a couple more reasons why weighing yourself everyday is not the greatest idea:
It creates a disconnection between mind and body. We forget how to rely on internal cues and body feedback and instead learn to rely on the external measures of health. Relying on the external cues to determine if we are doing well is a modern world invention. We rely on a plate size to determine when to stop eating and on the clock to decide when to start, instead of relying on our hunger. The scale determines whether we need to lose weight and limit our food intake, instead of relying on the way we feel and how much energy we have. External cues lead to less understanding of the internal cues from our body. We forget how to listen to our bodies and how to interpret its feedback. Mind and body start to struggle instead of support each other.
Daily weighing is not an efficient method of determining your progress. There too many variables day to day. Your weight fluctuates and it is normal. There are multiple variable involved but here are some of the main ones:
- Sodium intake the day before. Did you eat soup or sushi or went out for dinner? Most likely the amount of sodium was higher than usually and your body retains water. Kidney hold on to more water after a high-sodium intake instead of excreting it.
- Hormonal changes/time of the month
- Elimination irregularity
- Not drinking enough. If you are dehydrated, your body will try to hold water in the body and it will lead to water retention.
- Carb intake. There are a few theories about why our body retains water after eating carbs. A positive one is that our body stores glycogen in liver and muscles that is used when we need extra energy and don’t have food available. Along with it we store water. A more negative explanation of this the one that I heard from Dr Bass is that our body perceives sugar (and salt for that matter) as toxic materials and tries to dilute it with extra water so it is not as concentrated in the body anymore.

Re-think Your Morning Routine and Create a New One
Habits are not easy to change. We like our routines and feel shaky when something is off. But doing the same thing over and over and hoping to feel differently is not an effective strategy. If you are not happy with the way you feel about yourself and about your body, it is time to create a new routine that will change the way you feel.
When was the last time when you re-evaluated your morning routine with an honest view to see if everything that you do goes in line with who you want to be and how you want to feel. Do your actions go in-line with your values or against them. We can be our biggest supporters and, surprisingly, we are often our biggest stumble blocks.
When I thought about how I would like to feel in the morning, I decided that I wanted to feel happy, grateful and excited for the day ahead. What about you? How do you want to feel? Does the scale help you to get closer to that feeling? If not, time to let it go.
Daily weighing didn’t help me so I ditched it and never looked back. Now I have more freedom to choose my happiness level every morning instead of letting it depend on a piece of metal.

The Quickest Way to Freedom
Dropping a habit cold turkey is not for everyone. It creates emptiness. We are not comfortable with emptiness. In my opinion it is best to switch one habit to another one. This way the action changes but there is no feeling of missing something. No emptiness.
What would you substitute for weighing yourself? It has to be something that makes you feel good and helps you stay fit. I chose Positive Affirmations and they work great! Saying positive affirmations first thing in the morning supports who I want to be and how I want to feel. It goes in line with my values.
What would support your values, your desired state of being and your fitness goals better than the scale?

Here are a few to try:
- A quick self-massage before the shower to improve circulation and show some love to your body.
- Dry brushing to get the lymph moving and to create a mild detoxification effect.
- Positive affirmations ( to charge up with positive energy.
- Deep breaths to reduce stress and balance out stress hormones that create unnecessary cravings.
- A fun short dance in front of a mirror to get happy hormones flowing and your heart beating.

What will you do instead of daily weighing?

Saturday, November 24, 2012

Butt = Kicked

I'm not a morning person. 

I hadn't had my coffee.

I'd never done Turbo Kick before.

It's the day after two hearty Thanksgiving meals.

I did a one hour Turbo Kick class at 10:00 this morning.

Am I insane? 

I expected it to be more of a challenge than Zumba or Hip Hop Hustle, but YIKES!  It was HARD!  It's only been two and a half hours since the class finished and I'm already feeling the effects.  I drank two protein shakes to help with recovery, but I just know I'm going to be sore tonight!  I mean, check this out!  (They make it look SO EASY!)

I was the only newbie in the class but I picked up the moves well.  I didn't kick as high as some of the others and I messed up a lot, but I tried!  At one point I wondered if I could walk out.  After all, it was hard being next to super-thin, very athletic, competitive, get the moves right or else girl. 

Whoops.  That's comparison, inferiority, and insecurity.

I spotted that right away and told the devil to GET AWAY FROM ME!   (Gosh, he's so GROSS.)  I tried hard to focus on the instructor only and ignore anyone and anything else that could distract me.  It really helped!  I did the moves as best I could.  They were pretty hard for where I am now, but some of them were really fun.  And I was actually proud of myself and how much I was able to do!  I was proud that I didn't walk out!  I earned my shower and I'm considering going to the Wednesday night class!

Was I perfect?  Definitely not!  I wasn't perfect and neither was the girl I was comparing myself with... nor the instructor.  We all made mistakes.  It wasn't about being perfect or even close to it.  It was about trying your best, continuing to move, and burning calories.  We persisted... and that's far better than striving for perfection.  Perfection is unrealistic. 

(Gosh, my body hurts... but I kinda like it!  It means I'm getting closer to my dream!)

Friday, November 23, 2012

So Thankful!

What a fun couple of days!  Lots of cookin', eatin', family, and... fitness!  I worked out every day, with the exception of Thanksgiving Day.  Between Monday and Wednesday, my fitness execution was high and my caloric intake was lower than normal, leaving me 1,900 calories UNDER my weekly budget!  I did great on Thanksgiving and didn't go wild with my eating.  I was only around 300 calories over my budget of 1,860 calories... which is amazing for a meal like that! 

But today... well that's another story.

I was tempted by a smorgasbord of southern delights; deep fried turkey, dressing, Cajun corn casserole, sweet potato casserole, green bean casserole, cheesy potato casserole, cranberry fluff, rolls, pecan pie, pumpkin pie, and sweet tea!  The only thing I resisted was the sweet tea.  :)  I'll be honest, I felt AMAZING about how well I did yesterday, but today?  I have some making up to do! 
I estimated a consumption of (breathe in...) around 2,800 calories in today's meal... the only meal I'm eating.  This put me over by 780 calories.  So, with the 1,580 calories I had to work with after Thursday's meal, I'm still 800 calories UNDER budget so far this week!  I really feel good about that!  AND, I'll definitely hit the gym tomorrow morning and I'm considering trying Turbo Kick for the first time.  I feel like I could redeem myself with a class like that!

So, let's have a little fun, here!  You know the saying "You snooze, you lose?"  Well, four of my family members were victims of tryptophan (the amino acid in turkey that makes you sleepy) today.

Behold (from left to right, top to bottom) my brother-in-law, my niece, my dad, and my momma.  (hee hee)...

And, the day wouldn't be complete without sharing some Dixie shenanigans with you.  From left to right, here's Dixie strategically located underneath the turkey as it's being cut.  It paid off for her several times!   Next, as I'm enjoying my half-size slice of pumpkin pie, Dixie's giving me her big puppy dawg eyes, just begging for a bite.  (She got some crust and licked the plate).  And lastly, she was the final victim of tryptophan! 

Lucky dawg!

Wednesday, November 21, 2012

Wednesday Wow Factor!

Week 47
Start date: 12/28/11
Initial weight: 218
Current weight: ?
This week's loss: * I'm not focused on the number right now *
Total weight loss: ?
Last week's dream focus: Continue the going to gym and continue to talking back to those negative, self-critical thoughts! I’m attending a Zumba Glow party Friday night for two hours of dancin’ with glow necklaces on and lights out! The next day I’ll attend a wedding reception with hours of dancing… and I CANNOT WAIT! I expect about 2,500 to 3,000 calories to be burned to the GROUND this weekend!
What went well: I ROCKED the gym again this week! I’ve gone 7 times since my last Wednesday Wow Factor - one day more than last week!  I didn't let the devil keep me from going to Zumba Glow and I had SUCH a blast!  It was so worth it. 
I was able to purchase three new shirts from Maurice's and a new pair of pants in size 16 (I was wearing a 20 when I started this blog).  YAY ME!  That's an exciting victory.  I'm noticing the weight loss in my face and stomach, which is really propelling me to keep going!
Not focusing on the number of pounds I want to lose and instead celebrating the great things I'm doing to get closer to my dream is making a huge difference.  I feel so free.
Oh, and running... I ran 4 minutes today!!  ONE MORE MINUTE THAN LAST TIME!  The 'Gone With The Wind' marathon is on AMC today and I got caught up in all the Southernness while on the treadmill.  I even went longer than I'd programmed and pushed to run as much as I could handle.  Although 4 minutes isn't a lot, it was really good for me.  I'm so proud of that!
Challenges: The wedding reception Saturday didn't help me lose weight as we couldn't get anyone on the dance floor and I didn't want to look like the crazy cousin dancing alone.  So, I didn't burn 2,500 or 3,000 calories to the ground over the weekend, but I burned a lot Friday night and it was so worth it!
Remember the near meltdown while in Forever 21 last week?  Well, I remembered another heart breaker I endured the weekend before I started the gym... over a month ago now.  My husband and I are waterfowl hunters and we're taking a hunting trip to Arkansas with "the boy" in January.  I have hip waders but need chest waders for the trip.  When we went to Cabela's to try them on, I almost bawled... right in the store, right in front of everyone.  I need women's shoe size 7 (to accommodate the extra layers of socks) but getting them over my stomach was beyond embarrassing.  They were skin-tight and really unflattering.  I couldn't wear men's because the boots are way too large and the waders are too tall.  I just felt so embarrassed, gross, overwhelmed, and defeated.  But I told my husband I couldn't let this get me down because I believed I was going to lose enough weight to wear the size sevens.  We just needed to wait at least a month.
Well, that month came and went and my waders arrived today.  THEY FIT and I wasn't embarrassed to wear them!  This was the best picture I could get... I guarantee another one will surface soon during or after a hunt!

This week's dream focus: I won't go wild with Thanksgiving food intake this week, but will slowly enjoy small portions of my favorites!  I plan to go to gym as much as possible, including the special 80's/90's Zumba party next Tuesday!  As always, I plan to continue telling the devil to get behind me and engulf myself with positivity and prayer!

Tuesday, November 20, 2012

That Stupid Number

When we envision our dream of losing weight, most of us see a number in our heads.  We picture a certain amount of pounds we'd like to lose in order to get to our "healthy" weight.  Sure, it can vary within a range, but we see ourselves one day saying "I lost __ pounds!"
No matter how attainable it seems or how attainable it is, putting too much focus on the amount of weight we want to lose can set us up to quit.  I feel pretty certain most of you aren't trying to lose weight for the first time.  You've been here before, more than once.  It worked for a while and then "something happened" and you stopped trying.  
You gave up.  
It felt too hard.  
The mountain seemed too big to climb.  
You settled with the way things are.  
And some of you found yourself gaining the weight back... and then some.

*I've been there several times.*
When I started my blog on December 28, 2011, I set a goal to lose 50 pounds by the end of this yearLosing 50 pounds in one year isn't unrealistic... it's attainable.  But I never accounted for or anticipated the plateaus, the endometriosis pain, the surgery, the recovery, the weight gain during and after the recovery, or the struggle to get back on track afterwards.  I didn't "really" consider that it takes a lot of time to create new, good habits.  I didn't "really" consider that I have to retrain my mind to think about food and situations in a different way.  I didn't "really" consider that working out in my basement might get old and boring.  I didn't "really" consider the obstacles and tricks Satan would throw my way.
For a few days I felt like giving up on this journey... again.  For a few days I felt like a failure because I wasn't going to reach that 50 pound goal and "people would see that I failed" (inferiority and insecurity).  But I kept having faith that the dreams God placed in my heart were too important to give up on!  He showed me that my journey could be used as an example of how to NOT give up... an example of how to overcome the adversity we face and to ignore the lies and attacks from Satan.  He whispered in my ear, "Daughter, don't give up this time."
So I won't!

There are so many things we have to change about our lives to be successful in losing weight and staying healthy.  It's unrealistic to expect it to happen as quickly as we'd like.  As you may have noticed, I haven't posted my current weight, nor have I been weighing every Wednesday... or at all since I started the gym.  I'm trying to get away from that number and focus on the things I'm doing to improve my life and get me closer to that goal!  I'm OVER how Satan tries to make me feel inferior because I'm not losing weight as fast as someone else or making me feel insecure because I haven't lost a certain amount by a certain date.  
That number doesn't define me.  
That number doesn't tell me, or anyone else, how far I've come with how I look at food, the emotional connection I'm breaking with it, or the moments of little victories I  experience when I overcome a personal challenge.  This journey is about changing my WHOLE life, not just decreasing a number that shows up on the scale when I step on it.  
I see my dream... I envision it... I can imagine how it feels to be thinner, wearing smaller sizes, and shopping in stores because I like their clothes, not because they carry plus sizes.  I KNOW this is going to happen for me.  

So the fact that I know it's going to happen somehow frees me from caring about "when" it happens.  I feel more free when I experience things I do well, when I complete a workout, when I resist the temptation to submit to a craving, when I find myself enjoying smaller portions of the foods I like, when I find myself thanking God for the blessings in life and the lessons I'm learning in this journey.
You might need to remind yourself over and over and over and over again that "a number doesn't matter".  Shift your focus and tell Satan where to go!  He wants to keep you feeling down, depressed, overwhelmed, wanting to punish yourself, feeling sad, defeated, angry, fighting with your spouse and children, stressed out over money, and all the other chaos you feel in your life.  But, as my dad preached about Sunday morning, SATAN CAN'T MAKE US DO ANYTHING WE DON'T WANT TO DO!  
WE choose how we feel, how we react, what we think, and what we do.  WE choose.  He can set us up, but we don't have to give in and go along with it. "Therefore, submit to God.  Resist the devil and he will flee from you."  James 4:7   Keep resisting the devil and his schemes and he'll eventually decrease his attacks on you.  Clearly, he won't stop altogether, but it will certainly get easier.  And, your reliance on the Lord to help you through all the adversity gets you closer to Him!  WHAT A BONUS!  This is one of the greatest things I've experienced personally in my journey.  I love telling Satan where to go and to get away from me.  
WE have authority over him through Christ... he has NO authority over us.  He has to flee when we command it... so let's use it to our advantage!  I see it working in my life to get me closer to my dreams so I know it can work for you if you just have faith, believe, and try!


Monday, November 19, 2012

An Elle Woods Moment

Y'all.  Zumba Glo/Glow (whichever) - was a BLAST!  Let me set the scene for you…

I arrived a little early and they were still setting up.  I didn’t go right in because I couldn't see anyone wearing bright colors.  I sat in my car, waiting for people to arrive.  One by one they exited their vehicles and walked inside wearing dark clothing.  I started feeling sick.  I thought “what in the world did I get myself into?  Was I mistaken?  Did I read something wrong?  Weren't we supposed to wear bright colors and 'go all out'?  Do I look ridiculous?  What if no one else is as over the top as me?"

You know that scene in Legally Blonde where Elle Woods walks into a party, in costume, and no one else is wearing one?  That's what I envisioned was about to happen.  I even called my husband in a panic, telling him I was considering going home because I didn't want to look stupid infront of a ton of people I didn't know.  (Insecurity and inferiority again, my friends).  The only thing that stopped me from going home was the fact that two friends were supposed to meet me there.  I hadn't heard of any changes with them so I was just praying they would show up.  So, I said goodbye to my husband (after his pep talk), took the final swig of my protein shake, and mustered up the courage to go in.


I walked in and was greated by an instructor.  I asked her imediately if I was overdressed - she, of course, said NO WAY!  I started feeling better.  I noticed two other women wearing a little neon and I could breathe again.  Slowly others started to arrive and the neon increased!  AND, my friends showed up - one wearing neon!  We put on our glow necklaces and got started!  Let me tell ya, those folks from Casa de Fitness can WORK IT OUT!

We danced and danced.  It was so much fun. I even learned how to do that "Gangnam Style" dance!  (See Ellen DeGeneres and Britney Spears learn how on 'Ellen')! 

The best part was the dance-off!  My first one EVER.  The room split in half and we took turns backing each other up with different dance moves.  I even rocked a little honky-tonk/hip-hop move that came out of nowhere!  It was a blast.  See what Satan tried to keep me from enjoying?  I burned calories, I met new people, I had so much fun, and I can't wait to do it again!  I'm sorry I don't have more photos from the night, hopefully I can snag some from someone else.

DON'T LET SATAN STOP YOU.  I didn't allow him to convince me to go home.  I stayed.  And it was worth EVERY sore muscle!  When he tries to trick you and tell you lies, turn to him and say...

"I'm sorry, maybe you didn't hear me.  I told you to GET BEHIND ME!  NOW GO AWAY!" 

Don't let him win... and don't give up!

Friday, November 16, 2012

Zumba Glo Party!



I'm so excited to have fun dancing for two hours.  Period.  The bonus of burning lots of calories is THRILLING and I'm ready to shake it!

The best part is it will be dark and I'll feel much more free to move and let go!  It's just gonna happen!

I encourage you to find something you love to do and have fun with it!  Change it up!  Don't get bored and burn out.  Try new things, change your space, change your playlist, change your clothes!  Just keep it fun and engaging... it will help you get closer to your dream!

For Friday Fun Day, please enjoy the Napoleon Dynamite dance scene!  I burn at least 3 to 5 calories from laughing every time I watch this!

Have a great weekend!

Thursday, November 15, 2012

"Patiently" Waiting

You know how things are overwhelming, some days more than others?

Today is one of those days for me, and it centers around my career dreams.

I feel so trapped where I am right now.  I know what my heart desires to do as a full-time career and it’s clear God is calling me there.  But knowing exactly how to make the transition from where I am now to where I want to be is pretty foggy.  I long for clarity and direction!  I’m a passionate soul with a drive to help others become the best versions of themselves.  I just don’t feel I’m fully able do that by testing software.  Although it's been a terrific career for 14 years, my passion has shifted! 

I place my trust in God, my Heavenly Father!  He's the reason I'm able to continue putting forth the effort to deliver quality results and continue learning a very difficult and intricate application (that constantly feels like "math" to me!).  I believe this dream in my soul was placed there by Him!  His timing is perfect and, although it seems as though it's taking longer than I'd like, I believe He sees what's in store and I trust His will for me.  As I wait, I try to keep my eyes focused on the blessings of the job I have.  Some days I do well.  Other days I find myself asking God to forgive my ungratefulness.

This is my prayer today...

"Lord, you are so mighty and loving!  I cannot thank you enough for placing this dream in my heart and I ask your forgiveness for when I've doubted Your timing.  Please help me to have patience and draw satisfaction from You alone.  I place my career in Your hands and I believe Your will is greater than any plans I could make for my life.  God, you are SO GOOD!!!  I love you, Father, and I thank you for blessing this girl beyond measure!  It's in Your name I pray, Amen!"