Friday, October 5, 2012

"Wind-in-the-Hair" Moves

...and my little step was ROCKING my food log yesterday!!!!

I ate SO well!  The best I've eaten in over a month.  I made healthy, good choices and I logged every bite... AND IT FELT REALLY GOOD!!!

I was reminded of how great it feels to be successful with my food intake and to feel proud of that accomplishment.  All it took was doing it right one time to make me crave my dream again! 

Not just to want my dream, to really crave it.

And I could tell in my mood today!  I felt happy, joyful, silly... like the old me!  I went to lunch with some of my team from work (sushi always puts me in a great mood).  We made the brisk, 4 block walk to Kobe in the Power & Light District, enjoyed some delicious sushi, then walked another 4 blocks back, adding some "wind-in-the-hair" catwalk moves in the Marriott's enclosed walkway (hoping we'd be "discovered" when the person monitoring the security cameras watched us)!  *By the way, I haven't done the "wind-in-the-hair" move since I really felt good about myself after losing 30 pounds in 2008!*

We even took advantage of a "photo op" on the escalator!

To sum it up, it's been a great day and I feel in my bones that I'm taking lots of small steps to get closer to my dream.  I believe I can do this.  I know in my soul I'm meant to be on this journey and -



Belive in yourself and the power of your dreams.  Trust in God and let Him lead your way! 


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