Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Wednesday Wow Factor!

Week 43
Start date
: 12/28/11
Initial weight:
Current weight:
This week's loss
: * first weigh-in for a "long time" *
Total weight loss:
10 pounds

Last week's dream focus: Pray about visiting the new gym tonight (last Wednesday), then visit; keep my thoughts focused on positive things; and gravitate towards my dream – envisioning how it will look and feel when it’s my new reality; in the meantime – I dream to embrace the transition!

What went well:  What DIDN’T go well this week?  (FINALLY.  I love saying that!)

I joined the gym, I’ve gone 4 times since Thursday, I did Hip Hop Hustle and Zumba classes and LOVED them, I’m eating really well and I don’t feel deprived.  My spirits are up, I’m focused on my dream, I’m believing in myself, and I’m certain my dream WILL be a reality.  I found out I only gained 10 pounds back in three months rather than the 20 I thought I’d gained!

I found two Dare to Dreamers from work who go to this gym AND I have three more friends who plan to join!  It’s just more fun to have the option to go with friends, especially in group classes.  I’m super excited about that!

Also, I’m mostly over my sinus infection and feeling much better, which helps with breathing during a workout!

Challenges:  The more I focus on the right things… on God, and the better I do in my journey, the more obstacles Satan likes to throw my way.  (If you’re on a similar journey, expect this.  He doesn’t want us to be successful.)  I’m getting used to telling him to get behind me.  It comes more naturally the more I do it… I'm developing a new HABIT!

This week's dream focus:  Continue going to the gym; add to the list of healthy food options and purchase healthier foods (because if healthy food is in the house – I’ll eat healthy foods.  If there’s crap food in the house, I’ll eat crap foods);  keep moving in the direction of my dream – envisioning how it will look and feel when it’s my new reality; continue embracing the transition!


  1. Love the top quote so much, but I think it goes beyond just the body. I think thoughts are so powerful they extend out to others and I don't always think we realize this. Mood, attitude, physical appearance, internal appearance, it all gets tangled up. Then we talk and act and do things consistent with our thoughts, which could end up hurting not just ourselves, but definitely the people we love the most.

    1. What amazing wisdom, E!! I couldn't have put this better. Our actions affect not only ourselves but others. If everyone could get a handle on this the world would be a much different place to dwell in, wouldn't it? Gosh...... :)