Wednesday, October 3, 2012

Wednesday Wow Factor!

Week 40
Start date
: 12/28/11
Initial weight:
Current weight:
This week's loss
: ? 
Total weight loss:

Last week's dream focus: LOG FOOD EVERY DAY.  Move more and sit less; keep surrounding myself with positivity and encouragement; and be grateful for slow progress!

What went well:  I haven’t given up.  I still believe in my dreams.  I take comfort in the fact that I'm not the only one going through this right now... we aren't alone.

Challenges:  As stated, it’s a fact I haven't been doing my best since August.  I didn’t log food once last week… again.  Not logging food has been my biggest downfall and is contributing to poor eating.  I can't believe how accountable it makes a person!  I truly feel that one day I won't have to log everything I eat because it will be a habit... like second nature!  It's just going to take some time.  The first step is to start logging food again.

I also need to plan (healthy) meals and have healthy foods within my reach.  Otherwise I blow it big time.  And being active... Lord, help me!  I have to start moving again!  I planned to join a gym downtown Monday, but we worked from home.  Tuesday, I didn't join because of how busy we are at work and didn't feel I could justify taking a real lunch break as we're putting in extra hours for testing.  It seems like something always stands in the way of my fitness dreams.  
Then, I realize I’m standing in my own way… I didn’t come home and walk or do Zumba or any kind of stretching … or ANYTHING active.  Instead, I ate high calorie foods while sitting in front of the television watching crap.

This week's dream focus:  Start logging food.  Just do it.  JUST LOG IT.  It’s not that hard. 
Get out of my own way!  Find one thing that will spark the desire to make faster, better progress again… to get closer to my dream faster. 
I need to move more and sit less and start my gym membership – no matter where it is.  Keep surrounding myself with positivity and encouragement.  Start planning healthy meals and packing healthy snacks and meals for work instead of eating out.

(This WWF was ugly and I'm not completely proud of it.  I really didn't want to share it with you because it's embarrassing to admit I'm not where I want to be.  But then I reflected on how hard times make us better, they refine us, and God always uses them for our good.  We have to be real.  We have to be patient with ourselves and with the process.  We have to keep trying.  We can't give up.  We have to believe in our dreams.  Remember, mistakes are proof we're trying!)


  1. Bravo for you for putting it out there! I heard a quote today, "the more honest you are with yourself, the more success you will have." It rung all kinds of bells in my head! I am the most successful when I am honest with myself. And it is so sad to say that they tracker is my accountability!

    Thanks for linking up. I am going to give this link party a few weeks to see what happens. Thank you for your support!

    1. Thanks, Pam! Whatever works to make our dreams come true, right? Tracking calories, standing on our heads... anything!

      And thank you for doing a linking party! I certainly want to know how to do one, too

  2. If its any consolation, I am exactly where you are right now, too! My eating has been horrendous (high calorie, high fat and it is back to fighting the cravings!!!) and NO tracking, for months (since about August, too, when we got back from WY/ID).

    I guess the one up I still have is my trainer, Mandy...I am committed/no choice to her strength classes on Tuesdays (Lunar Stretch on Tuesdays, too!) and Thursdays. I've gone on the Saturdays mornings we've been home, too. I've gained back the 5 lbs I lost this summer, but I'm still 7lbs lighter than when I started the year, so I'm still ahead of the curve. Frusrated, a little disgusted (OK, a LOT disgusted) with myself and feeling crappy about all the crap I've been putting in my body.

    Although this was an ugly week for you (and you SO put it out there-you GO GIRL!), I love that you are stronger now and the determination still sticks. I am not giving up. I still go to my workout classes, although Jazzercise has not seen me in 3 weeks! I have a healthy breakfast every morning, I drink 8-12 glasses of water most days. I have GOOD habits. I just need more!

    My mindset IS different and that is the prize, not the've said it before...its just a number.

    Thanks for sticking your neck out there and calling the dirty laundry what it is...DIRTY!! It makes me feel brave enought to do it to!!

    Love ya, sister!!

    1. Wow. We're ALWAYS right there with each other, aren't we?!?!?! IT'S CRAZY!!

      I'm so proud of you for focusing on what you've done right and that you haven't given up on everything in your journey. You're still on that path, even if you've just slowed down. Sometimes we have to go there so we can refocus, reprioritize, and remind ourselves what we really want... and that we CAN do it!

      I'm glad sharing my two ugly months has helped you feel braver! I didn't want to admit I was being bad and falling back into old habits, but the fact is - THIS IS HARD and WE AREN'T PERFECT! We have to keep focused and not talk ourselves out of what we know is right; what we know will get us closer to our dream.

      WE ROCK!!!

      Love you and GEAUX TIGERS!!! (I'm nervous about tomorrow's game...)

  3. I haven't said anything, but I am REALLY nervous about the game today....I just have that pit in my stomach! I am rockin' the purple and gold today and faithfully chanting "GEAUX TIGERS"!!!!!

    I have to say that by focusing on the positives I have done and continue to do, is a HUGE leap in progress for me. I had a day long conference yesterday and I was super tired! I "snacked" on the food all day long and had to drive to Branson last night to meet Greg at the camper.....I wasn't hungry, but "wanted" to stop for fast food on the way out of town.....I had a full tank of gas and didn't need to stop...I resisted! I reminded myself of the lousy eating I did all day and that I simply didn't need anything, let alone a greasy burger! I was hungry when I got to the camper, but had a turkey sandwich, a few baby carrots and some cheeries INSTEAD of stopping for fast food and gross conveience food! YAY ME!!!

    It is about all the little choices and changes we focus on!It is becoming my reality, small changes DO add up! I can celebrate the small stuff so much easier now...I simply can't focus on the "end" results b/c this journey will never end, but I will make progress and CHANGE and TRANSFORM myself into the person I want to be, inside and out!!

    You are an inspiration, for sure!!! Glad to have you on my side!
    Love you!!!