Friday, October 26, 2012

Our Thoughts Are Powerful

Today a Facebook status came across my news feed that said "Whatever you think about will come about!"

We easily forget the power of our thoughts.

Our thoughts can so quickly become our actions and, if we aren't careful, they'll lead us down a path we don't want to go.  A path of destruction.  A path of regret.  A path headed in the opposite direction of our dreams.

Just think about the thoughts that run through your head.  (The ones you don't verbalize.)  What are they saying?  Are they positive, uplifting, encouraging?  Would you allow another person to talk to you, or to someone else, this way?  Would you be comfortable saying these things out loud if Jesus were standing, in the flesh, in front of you?

EVERYONE deals with insecurities and feelings of inferiorityI've been talking about this a lot... it's Satan's dirty little secret.  He whispers negative things into our ears, he reminds us of past mistakes and failures, he tells us we're worthless - and we believe it, he points out other people and we start to compare.  It's an evil, negative cycle that sucks us in.  It keeps us miserable and unhappy... and eventually we stop dreaming.

The amazing news is our thoughts are as powerful in a negative way as they are in a positive way!  The more we think great things about ourselves, about others, about situations, the more likely we'll be to succeed in situations.  We'll be more apt to pick ourselves up after a fall (a mess-up, an "epic fail").  We'll be more likely to find the good in every situation, to see the blessings, to NOT be a victim!

What words, images, and thoughts go through your news feed on Facebook, Twitter, or other social networking site?  Are they positive?  Do you feel encouraged?  Do they bring hope and inspiration to your heart?  If not, make a change.  "Hide" news from those who spread negative, vulgar words and nasty images.  "Unlike" pages of bands, celebrities, books, companies, or blogs that don't contribute to your new outlook.  Replace them with words and images that will lift you higher and inspire!

And really evaluate the people you spend time with.  How are they impacting youAre you a better person after being around them?  Do they support your dreams?  Do they hold you accountable and speak the truth in love? 


Start becoming more aware of what you're thinking about yourself or others, whether you say it out loud or think it in your head.  If you find yourself looking in the mirror and thinking thoughts like "my stomach is so big" or "this acne on my face makes me look so gross", STOP AND CORRECT YOURSELF!  (You'll have to do this over and over until it becomes a habit... then you'll no longer think this way!)  Stop and say "Okay, yes - my stomach isn't where I'd like it, but I'm trying.  It's not going to change overnight.  I'm making better choices, eating healthier, and being more active.  I'm following the path to my dreams! Talk some sense into yourself!  The more you do this, the better it's going to get (I know first hand... I do this all day long.)

Here are some great tips for gaining confidence and kicking inferiority to the curb!  Just imagine the difference it could make if you read this everyday for the next month!

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