Thursday, October 4, 2012


Do you sometimes wonder why your journey seems so difficult?  How is it that some people appear to not struggle with certain things while it's a huge challenge for us?  Why are some people naturally thin and I am walkin' around in all my "thickness"?

Woah.  Wait.

There's problem number one.

We compare ourselves to others.

Oops.... I did it again (and not Britney Spears' style).

We are SO obsessed with measuring up to others it steals our joy and happiness.  We focus so hard to be sure we have as much as the next person, we're in style, we're into the latest hair and make-up trends, and we fit in to whatever's cool.  (I don't care how old you are, we can all fall into that trap.)  We're so busy envying what others have that we aren't focusing on the amazing things about our own lives.

And it's so surface.

We don't have a clue what's going on inside someone's head and heart.  We don't know the road they've traveled and the insecurities they're dealing with.  We don't know how their heart has been broken or the fears that hold them back. 

What if we were so in tune with our blessings and gifts from God we started recognizing hurting hearts instead of how we're "deprived"?  What if our focus shifted so much we no longer went straight to envy and resentment but to praise and worship of the abundance of blessings God constantly pours on our lives?  What if that focus meant we were able to help someone who needs us rather than push them away like all the others.  What if we were placed in their lives to bring hope?

Father, my life needs work.  I'm gonna need Your help with this one...

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