Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Embrace the Transition

We often hear the phrase "people don't like change".  I've said it myself... about myself!  

I never realized, until today, that it's not the change I don't like but the transition.  Our dreams are the changes we want to see take place; losing weight, maintaining a healthy lifestyle, changing careers, gaining control of our finances, or whatever your dreams are.  They're improved versions of our current lives!  

The transition from our present lives to achieving our dreams can be difficult, ugly, and downright uncomfortable.  It's a refining process that snatches us right out of our comfort zone and into the unknown.  We begin to worry about what challenges we'll face, we wonder if we'll be successful, we worry we won't be strong enough to overcome the adversity.  

But what if we loved change AND began to embrace the transition?  What if we started appreciating the lessons we learn and the mistakes we make until it finally clicks and we overcome?  After all, the transition is what morphs us from a plain caterpillar to a beautiful butterfly!

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