Monday, October 22, 2012

And Ya Don't Stop!

Tonight's the night.


After the way my morning started, it's a wonder I didn't lose control and smash something!  I didn't wake up that way, but our silly little enemy Satan thought it would be fun to throw a bunch of junk at me right away. 

"Problem": It's a given... it was Monday morning and I was sleepy.
Blessing:  I woke up feeling well, in good spirits, and had a job to go to!

"Problem": I ran out of eyeliner.  EMERGENCY! 
Blessing:  I planned for this and had a half-used back-up on hand!

"Problem": We arrive at our parking garage, lock the car, and my husband asks me where my laptop is.  (I now have a laptop for work and I must have it on hand to be productive.  Day three and I'm not yet in the habit of taking it to work.)  I had to drive 20 minutes home and back downtown in rush hour traffic, making me an hour late.
Blessing:  I had another 40 minutes to listen to uplifting praise and worship music, helping me to set my sights on God!

"Problem": I finally arrive at work, get logged in, and find I'm supposed to execute some difficult testing that I've never done and have no knowledge of.  UGH!
Blessing:  I had a knowledgeable team member who was willing and able to help me! 

"Problem": No amount of coffee was waking me up.
Blessing:  I spent time with my husband over lunch, it refueled my soul, and now I'm looking forward to Hip Hop Hustle!

So take that, Satan!  You can throw stuff at me but I'll find the blessings in them.

So I get to rock my first group fitness class at the new gym and I can't believe how excited I am about it.  It's like all I can think about!  GET ME THERE!  Isn't it a wonderful feeling to be excited about something so good for your health?  That makes me happy.  


I love to dance.  It's such a blast, it makes me smile, it makes me feel good, and I come alive!  

And to think something so fun can burn calories is a total bonus!  So Hip Hop Hustle, here I come!  And Zumba, you're next... YAY TUESDAY!

Oh, and I checked My Goals, Dreams, & Commitments page but didn't see a dream I recently (well, last April) found inside me.  I'm adding "Become a certified Zumba instructor" to my dream list!  And hey, if I find this Hip Hop Hustle class to be as fun as I expect it to be, I can add that one, too!

"I said a hip hop, the hippie, the hippie, to the hip hip hop, AND YA DON'T STOP DREAMING!"  (lyrics -through "dreaming" - from Sugarhill Gang)

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