Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Wednesday Wow Factor!

Week 38
Start date
: 12/28/11
Initial weight:
Current weight:
This week's loss
: ? 
Total weight loss:
20 pounds since last weigh-in (a long time ago)

Last week's dream focus
: Stop eating “crap” foods and get focused on healthy foods again!  Keep surrounding myself with positivity and encouragement!

What went well:  My pain has really decreased, allowing me to feel more normal again!  In general, I’m moving more, getting myself prepared to start working out soon.  I’m feeling much more positive and optimistic about where I’ll go from here!

I haven’t weighed and I just won’t until I feel mentally ready to handle it.  I know I’ve gained weight… I can tell by how my clothes are fitting.

Challenges:  I’m out of the habit of logging daily intake… and it’s very obvious in my food choices, amounts, and weight gain.  I’ve been eating like there’s no tomorrow, making bad decisions with amounts of food, sweets, and emotional eating.  This past several days I’ve seen myself eating the way I did before I started this journey.  That, along with no exercise, is a set-up for big time regression.
I don’t like what I’m seeing.
The truth is I can blog inspirational posts every day and encourage others (while encouraging myself), but the proof is in the pudding.  It’s clear that something’s wrong and out of line if I’m not making progress.  Yes, most of the progress focuses on changing my habits, thoughts, and feelings about foods.  But I also need to become active again, even if I start slow.

This week's dream focus:  Start logging food every day, every time I eat ANYTHING; reduce the amounts of foods I’m eating and focus on making healthy choices; start moving more and sitting less; keep surrounding myself with positivity and encouragement; and be grateful for slow progress!

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