Sunday, September 30, 2012

To Please God

Worship at church today was completely humbling and I felt totally connected to God.  I could have sat there for another hour listening to God's voice speak to me. 

I began the service with a heartfelt prayer to get our focus on Him.  Then, we sang "Waiting Here For You".  It wasn't what we'd originally planned to sing as our opening song, but God made it very clear it needed to be sung.  And sing we did.  It didn't matter whether every note was exactly on pitch or if we messed up a word or two.  To God's ears it was a beautiful, joyful noise and it glorified Him.  

That's what it's all about. 

A worship team's role is to be a vessel in helping the congregation encounter God.  A worship team lifts God high, exalting His name above all names!  It's not a concert or show.  It's not for entertainment.  It's not to seek applause or compliments.  It's to glorify our Heavenly Father and help others do the same. 

I used to care what others thought of my singing and would feel sick if I saw someone make a face or whisper when I messed up or hit a wrong note.  I was totally nauseous one morning when I heard that someone in our church actually said "she's not as good as she thinks she is". 

(P.S.  I've never thought I was "that good".  I simply allow God to use me to glorify Him.)

The fact is, I no longer care what anyone thinks about my voice or singing ability.

I now care about one opinion only... God's.  HE is why I sing!  HE has called me to the role of worship leader and HE uses me, in spite of my imperfections and sin!  HE is my focus and I trust Him to help me overcome my insecurities and feelings of inferiority! 

And that's the focus for the next several Sunday mornings and Wednesday evenings at our church.  My dad (the pastor) is helping us learn how Satan sets us up to fail, to focus on the wrong things, to sin.  Inspired by the book Satan's Dirty Little Secret, we're learning how insecurity and inferiority lead to addiction, self-focus - or focus on others, gossip, lying, and so many other sins.  It's definitely the main cause of my addiction to food and my struggle to change these bad habits of overeating, eating when I'm not hungry, lack of exercise, and more.

The next few Sundays (and maybe in between) I'll be sharing with you what God shows me about these two awful demons: insecurity and inferiority.  Back in June I wrote a blog post that mentioned these evil traps.  I read that post again today as a reminder of just how gripping they can be.  I want to get a handle on them so I can keep my focus where it needs to be... on God.  I really recommend reading the book so you, too, can be fully aware of Satan's stinkin' schemes!  

When we get our focus right, our life becomes more pleasing to Him... and more pleasing to live!

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