Friday, September 21, 2012

Friday Fun!

It's Friday!!!!!!!  It's time for fun.

Doesn't this picture just crack you up?  I can't get over how awesome it is!  I loved the Shatto Milk Company before (I've referenced them in this previous post) but I adore them now!  This totally made me laugh.

I posted this on Facebook today.  It's really funny and TOTALLY TRUE! 

The bottom line:
  • We can't determine how another person is going to feel. 
  • We can't control another person's responses or actions.
  • We can't live our lives obsessed with what others think of us.
  • We can't let what they may or may not think hold us back from living our dreams.
  • We SHOULD live our lives concerned with what God thinks of us!
  • We SHOULD trust in Him to help us overcome the fear!
  • We SHOULD control our own actions!
  • We SHOULD be nice to every one we meet and go to bed with a clean conscious!

So who remembers this snazzy tune?  I LOVED this song back in the day!!!  So 80's... and perfect for Friday Fun.  My favorite part was always the freestyle "rap" in the middle. 

Chrissy's Impromptu Freestyle:
  • I still know all the words to this song. 
  • It makes me wanna roller skate. 
  • I won the roller skating limbo once.
  • My favorite activity at the roller rink was skating to "Ghostbusters" and "Thriller".
  • We did danced to "Thriller" at my 80's Zumba Birthday Party. (Thanks, Jade!  That was SO much fun!)
  • I feel like dancing!
  • This song reminds me of summer and swimming with my cousins.
  • I miss those days.

Well, I hope you enjoyed this random Friday Fun!  Oh, and last thought.  What if the caption from the first picture in yesterday's post was placed on this picture?  Kinda sweet, huh?  :)  I totally relate.

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