Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Be An Overcomer

I'm trying to always trust God and not rely only on what I see.  Let's be real though, obeying God rather than popular opinion and trusting His timing is certainly a lesson in character building!  It can be difficult to grasp, but God's ways are better than ours every single time.

We treasure things that have cost us personally.  When we've worked really hard for something and it finally becomes ours, we hold onto it dearly.  If we're truly invested in our dreams, we need to count the cost and push through adversity to make them become our reality.  Most likely, it will be on the other side of a wall of hardship... the other side of a storm. 

The cost may be our time, focusing on changing a habit, sacrificing something our flesh wants for something we actually need, or a number of other desires.  Sadly, most people don't pay the price of obedience that would lead them through the wall that hides their dreams.  They retreat, never discovering what was just on the other side.

You must be an overcomer to see your dreams come true!  An overcomer resists any competition or schemes from the enemy.  An overcomer battles on, drudging through the muck and mire and nothing will stop them.  An overcomer does whatever it takes to make their dreams come true.

How valuable something is to you determines the price you're willing to pay for it.  Every time you pay the price, you stand a little taller.  You become stronger and you build your faith and trust in God.  If you are facing a cost, don't pull away from it.  Pay the price and be an overcomer!  Be enthusiastically committed to pay whatever it takes to receive the prize!

When I look back at the high price tags that have come with some of my life lessons, I'm really glad I chose to pay.  I love where I am now and am eager to see my dreams come true.  But the level of commitment for certain dreams that seemed so great for me last year isn't quite as costly now.  There's a new level to reach in my relationship with God and a new price tag of obedience to pay.

Count the cost and do it beautifully with joy!  Once you commit to that decision, it will become a "done deal" in your mind and you won't look back!

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