Thursday, September 13, 2012

A True Overcomer

I stumbled upon the website and found the most amazing description of a true overcomer...

According to Scripture, an overcomer is someone who has suffered well.  Overcomers are ordinary people who remain extraordinarily loyal to their calling despite severe testing.  It is crucial to understand and keep in the forefront of our minds that overcomers are not defined by the outcome of their trial but by the process!

An overcomers undergoes painful situations knowing that they will endure their suffering through the love of Jesus Christ, even when facing grief, illness, divorce addiction, parenting problems, and any other kind of affliction.  An overcomer remains faithful to God through his trial.  An overcomer copes with problems knowing they are not alone in their struggles.  An overcomer comes along side others going through trials.  They use their experience to comfort and encourage others.

Isn't that beautiful? 


I need to post this all over the place as a reminder in the midst of the toughest adversity.  These words can help us focus on what God is capable of, how He can work in our lives to make our dreams better than we ever imagined, and to help us breathe when everything has crashed down on us.  

We don't have to worry and be afraid when it's in His hands!  He's always with me, comforting me, holding me, reminding me I'm His child and He loves me.  With a love like that, what have I to fear?

Let's be overcomers together!

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