Monday, September 24, 2012

A Hallway Thought...

The words on a picture from yesterday's post that read "Until God opens the next door for you, praise Him in the hallway" are pretty powerful.  But there's something they didn't tell you.  And it's pretty important to be prepared for this in case it happens... because it probably will.

Some doors God may never open for you. 

So what are we supposed to do when that happens?

We continue to praise and worship Him!  We lift Him HIGHER!  We put our faith in Him and trust He has a very good reason for allowing that door to remain closed.  But this doesn't mean it won't hurt our hearts to think about that door being sealed.  Tears may continue to fall, the sting of heartache that follows could seem overwhelming, and we may be tempted to wallow in self-pitty, comparing ourselves to others.

Again, one of Satan's dirty tricks... inferiority and insecurity.

Don't let that gross devil convince you it's okay to wallow in "woah is me" self-pitty.  It never does you or anyone else good.  There's a difference between being a victim and processing your emotions. 

Victims blame their problems on other people and circumstances.  They've learned to feel helpless and don't believe their actions matter in how things turn out.  When you cast yourself in the role of a victim it negatively affects your ability to live a fruitful, rewarding life.  You become so focused on yourself and the bad things that have happened to you, either as a result of another's actions or your own, that your ability to achieve your goals and dreams is completely blocked.  It weakens your confidence in yourself (insecurity) and you become bitter and focused on the wrong things (inferiority).  It can lead to seriously negative effects on your relationships with others and it completely imprisons you.

Grieving the loss of a dream, a person, a situation (such as loss of your job, home, health, etc.) is natural and it's part of the healing process.  It's okay to break down when you know God has closed a door.  And it's okay to feel emotional when you're in the desert waiting for an answer.. and learning to wait on the Lord.  This is when our patience is really tested.  The best news is God is our healer and comforter.  He'll get you through it... He'll make it better!

It doesn't matter who or what has "done you wrong", it will do you no good to embrace the victim mentallity.  Sometimes circumstances scar us deeply and seeking help is the best way to get us back on the path to our dreams.  Don't be above getting help... be above living an unfulfilled, fruitless life.  Be above being a negative, unpleasant person to be around. Be focused on your dreams and seek a life of happiness and joy!

Start paying attention to the thoughts, beliefs, and expectations that aren't, and haven't been, fullfilling you.  Identify times you imagine yourself as the dreaded victim.  Then, fight against it with empowering, non-reactive ways of thinking!  Distract yourself by stopping those negative thoughts as soon as you think them.  Replace them with positive, motivating thoughts that help you focus on your goals and dreams.  Imagine how it looks and feels when those dreams becomes reality.  Surround yourself with people who will encourage and help you change your thoughts.  Distance yourself from other "victims" for a while, until not being a victim becomes second nature to you.  Once it is, you'll be able to help others change their life in a positive way!

Bonus: When you're really struggling, lift this praise to God...

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