Tuesday, July 24, 2012

You've Got To Really Want This

Earlier this year I bought a book called 'This Year I Will' by M.J. Ryan.  (See my earlier post entitled This Year I Will.) 

This little book is so great!

I want to share a personal story M.J. shared in the book.  She described how she learned of a scientifically proven best way to do laundry; to fill with water first, then soap, then clothes.  She'd been doing it backwards for almost fifty years!  She decided to start doing it right.  Six years later she still hasn't done it "correctly"... not even once.  She'd always forget until after she'd loaded the clothes and was pouring in the detergent. 

This laundry story shows how difficult it can be to change a habit, even a small one.  If she were to really change how she does laundry, she'd need to post reminders on the washer.  When she caught herself doing it the old way, she'd want to stop, take the clothes out, and put the water in first.  She'd ask her husband to remind her as he saw her walking toward the laundry room.  Eventually, if she did it enough times, it would become her new routine.  As M.J. put it, she just doesn't care enough to put in the effort.

That's the crucial point - how important motivation is.  It takes work, often a lot of work and sacrifice.  You have to REALLY want to bring something into being.  Deeply, truly, honestly.  Otherwise it's too easy to slide back into the same old habits.

In the past when I've wanted to lose weight, save more money, or be more organized - but haven't done it - I've failed to pass the "I really, really want it" test.  If I really wanted it, I would keep at it no matter what setbacks, interruptions, or sidetracks I encountered.  And, no matter how long I stayed off course, I'd eventually return.

What if we dug deeper to discover our soul resolutions and dreams - based on saying yes to our deepest longings.  The goals rooted in what really matters are far easier to keep than flighty resolutions.  Rather than resolving to "lose 10 pounds in a month", I might tap into my soul dream of "nurture my body to continue feeling the happiness of being fit and engaged in life!"  This is something I'm more likely to care about and work toward!

What do you care enough about to apply the necessary hard work?

What do you want badly enough to keep front and center in your life?


  1. I love that quote. I need to keep it close to me this week!

    1. I'm SO glad it's going to help you. I needed to hear this post so much. What a great reality check, right?