Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Wednesday Wow Factor!

Week 30
Start date
: 12/28/11
Initial weight:
Current weight:
This week's loss
?  (On break from weigh-ins)
Total weight loss:
20 pounds

Last week's dream focus
: Stop beating myself up about going over my caloric intake; make healthier choices; decrease the portions of the foods I eat; continue fighting off the urges to mask my emotions with food; find ways to move that won't aggravate my pain, KEEP MY CHIN UP!!!!!!

What went well:  I haven’t given up.  I picked up an inspirational book I bought earlier in the year (and barely started but never finished) and started reading it again for motivation 

Challenges:  Pain; serious anger and rage (partially from being in pain and being unable to relieve it, the other part… maybe hormones?  It’s a mystery at this point); trying with all my might not to fall into depression because I don’t like feeling this way inside – it’s not at ALL who I am; the tendency to fall into old habits of emotional eating; going over my caloric goal every day; keeping my head above water

I need emotional support!

This week's dream focus:  Spend time evaluating my true soul dream - that powerful driving force in my heart that keeps me coming back to this journey of losing weight.


  1. Beating yourself up serves no purpose than to bring you down. Accept that you are doing what needs to be done, you have a plan of action to end the pain, and a plan of action for once you are on the other side. Let that pull you through.

    Sending you support!