Monday, July 9, 2012

Just Keep Going

Have you ever felt as though you've hit a wall while trying to pursue your dream(s)?  That day after day, week after week you aren't getting any closer to your dream(s) because you're so overwhelmed by the daily grind.  With so much going on with work and family, your own personal dreams take a back seat. 

Not only have I seen other dreamers in this place, I've been there, too... many times.  I think we subconsciously put a time frame on our dreams and become overwhelmed when they aren't playing out as fast as we'd imagined.  Life becomes busy and overwhelming, leading us to feel like giving up on them because it's "too hard". 

So how do we find the right balance and prevent our dreams from fading away?

In my own journey, I found that allowing myself to take a short break from the hardcore pursuing of my dreams every now and then is a good thing.  I hit pause, focus on the things that have to be done, then pick up where I left off.  It's so is freeing and takes the pressure off!  The great thing is I actually get a second wind (and third, fourth...), accelerating me towards the dream even faster than if I had never taken the break!

Just as a runner needs to stop, rest, refuel, and hydrate, we need to do the same as dreamers to see them become our reality.

Sometimes we, as dreamers, need to remember it's okay to "be okay" with a break.  Most importantly, we CANNOT give up on our dreams.  That in itself can be our greatest victory... to not get defeated when faced with adversity! 

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