Friday, July 20, 2012

Friday Fun!

Do you ever just feel like having fun instead of being serious?  Well that's me today. 

Woke up.  Felt like bein' awesome in spite of pain and a rough night's sleep. 

Everyone should have those days!

So this post is lighthearted because it's that kind of day for me.  I hope it's contagious!

First: A fun collage!  (Thanks to Pam @ It's My Life for the inspiration.  BIG HUGS!)

  1. Dying in traffic on the way to praise team practice Thursday night.  Cranked some tunes to warm up my voice and get outta the funk.  It worked, thanks to this song.  IT CHANGED MY DAY!
  2. I read a kudos card I received from my manager.  It made me smile and feel really good!  She's so great and I'm super thankful for how good I have it now compared to the past.  I'm really thankful for my job.
  3. This is a sad face from being the only person in my group to stay in the office until 4:00, missing the afternoon team picnic.  Only 12 days until the surgery and pain medicine.  I CAN MAKE IT!

Next, I wanted to share a video four co-workers and I did for an internal contest on why we like working at our company.  The videos were posted on the company's Facebook page and the "Likes" were tallied, accounting for half the votes.  I'm not sure who's voting on the other half (probably executive management), but our video was in close competition with one other.  MANY THANKS to those of you who went to the DST Careers page to "Like" it and cast your vote!!!

An awards ceremony will be held in August announcing the winners, so I'll be sure to keep you updated.  1st place winners receive Kindle Fires!   SO COOL!  I really hope we win!

* * * *

Finally, some basic kindness reminders!  Sometimes we're so deep in our feelings that these go right out the door and it affects others in a negative way.  Don't be that person.  Be someone other people want to be around!  Happy Friday!

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