Tuesday, July 3, 2012

Dog Days of Summer

The majority of the continental US is experiencing extreme heat right now.  Missouri has seen 100 degree + temperatures almost every day this past week or so. 

In a word, it's brutal

I'm so blessed to have a home, job, car, and church with air conditioning!  It's something so convenient and luxurious that we take for granted every day, but thank you, God, for providing it.  It makes me happy and I'm convinced you can never have too much happy!

Since we're talking about these dog days of summer, let me share some Dixie stories.  Dixie is our border collie... a herding dog who's also a diva!  She doesn't enjoy being outside for long periods of time, but when she wants to play with her brother's (the boy's) old football, you can hardly get her to stop.  She's a buckin' bronco dawg who shakes that football from side to side and flips it in the air! 

Here's the diggity dawg in action, then tuckerin' out and drinkin' some water.  These pictures just flat out make me happy!

Last week while working from home, Dixie brought me one of her brother's baseballs.  I remember (from The Brady Bunch) that "Mom always said don't play ball in the house."   Well, I took a chance and played ball with her.  Dixie would roll the ball off the side of the bed, watch it drop, and wait with eager anticipation for me to put it back up there... then she'd let it roll again.  We did this for 10 minutes and I had to force myself to get back to business.  It made me SO HAPPY! 

Dixie and I had our differences in the beginning but I love that diggity now... and she loves "the lady" (that's me!)

And finally, the sisters. Tallulah is my chubby American Bobtail cat who Dixie LOVES to herd and chase and nip and step on and bully.  (Dixie needs a serious Bully Beatdown.)  Tallulah was looking so cute so I sat on the floor to snap some pictures of her.  But that's never okay with Dixie, Ms. Jealousy.  I was only able to capture this first picture of Tallulah alone... and then the stalking began.  Dixie jumped on the sofa and "overlooked the situation". 

As you can see, Tallulah tries to ignore it.  But it's uncomfortable to be watched.  When she turns to confront Dixie, Dixie looks away, casually, like nothing is going on. 

This is 5 minutes in the life of our home... and it makes me happy!

What about your home life makes you happy?


  1. so much cuteness!! It makes me happy when I catch my roommate (who swears not to love my cat) and my cat Devlin cuddling and sleeping when I come home. It makes me happy to sit outside and look at the trees on the back deck. And I especially like it when my roommate and I pause whatever is on Discovery channel to have some philosophical or scientific debate/pondering... :)

  2. Liz, you are PRECIOUS!!! I love how deep your soul is. You inspire me to be creative and you provoke me to think deeper about life and possibilities.

    PS... FULL MOON YOGA!?!?!?!?!?! YES PLEASE!!! I'm begging you to let me know when y'all do that again (I'm thinking in a month?)