Monday, July 2, 2012

Cleansing In Progress

Today I'm in the cleansing process.  I've gone through the aggressive cycle and I'm now being scrubbed down with a Brillo pad and wire brush.  I know it's for a reason and God's timing is perfect, but I'm human and I'm feeling impatient.

I'm frustrated with feeling as though my health issue doesn't matter to anyone in the medical field who can help me.  I'm frustrated that I'm supposed to just keep dealing with this pain every day.  I'm frustrated that I'm supposed to be okay with rescheduling appointments because the doctor isn't available (again).  I'm trying to stop figuring out for myself what's going on with me because it's causing unneeded panic and anxiety. 

"God, please help me to be patient right now.  I'm struggling to be content in Your timing, but I know You have a plan.  I know You can see what's ahead of me and You have the right people in place to help me.  Please forgive my frustration and restless spirit.  Please calm my soul, help me to focus on Your amazing love and grace, and bless my path that I may glorify only You.  Thank You for the abundance of gifts and blessings You pour on my life... and thank You, Father, for these trials and this journey.  Amen."

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