Sunday, July 8, 2012

Caught On Camera

What a productive weekend!  It was filled with lots of walking and other physical activity and I accomplished a lot.  I battled through some pain and resisted some serious temptation to eat to mask emotions.  I didn't let adversity get me down.  I laughed, I sang, I was thankful, and focused on what really mattered.  I burned calories and I feel great about it!

So, after burning all these calories today, my husband and I made a run to Sonic for some dinner.  I ordered a diet cherry limeade, a cheeseburger, and large tater tot.  After all, I can eat anything I want... nothing's off limits for me.  And I was really hungry.  I will admit, I normally would've ordered a medium tot, but I had a lapse of judgement.  We sat on our patio and enjoyed this amazing break in the heat wave we've been experiencing!  It went from a nasty, humid, 106 degrees yesterday to a nice, cool 84 with a gentle breeze.  We had to take advantage of this weather!

So we sat there together, enjoying our dinner.  I would eat a tot, then give one to our dog Dixie.  She'd then sneak over to my husband to get some more.  I'd say she pretty much consumed the equivalent of a medium tot between the two of us! 

I was two-thirds of the way through my cheeseburger when it was AMBUSHED!  That DAWG put her paws up on the table and snatched my cheeseburger away, covering herself in ketchup.  For a while I was aggravated at her.  But I've come to see that Dixie was just holding me accountable and helping me to eat better.  She helped me go from a whole cheeseburger and large tater tot to two-thirds of a cheeseburger and a medium tot... oh and half the ketchup!

My husband was trying to take a picture of Dixie because she was looking so cute... and that's when the crime occurred.  He captured this photo... the only evidence that remains:

The moral of the story: Never trust a border collie with food.  They're cunning dogs who know how to get what they want.

Some good advice:  It's always wise to look for the best in every situation! 

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  1. I chuckled out loud! Dixie looks determined!!