Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Wednesday Wow Factor!

Week 25
Start date: 12/28/11
Initial weight: 218
Current weight: ?
This week's loss
: ?
Total weight loss:
19 (?)

Last week's dream focus: Continue being okay with taking breaks when needed.  I plan to visit a nearby gym to see if I like the facilities and want to become a member (I’m hoping I love it).  I want to incorporate more movement into my life and eat healthier, staying under my caloric intake budget every day… not just during the week overall.  Finally, I want to focus on making GOOD decisions each time I eat and not telling myself lies like “this one time doesn’t matter” or “I can go overboard this one time because ___.”

What went well:  Staying focused on the small blessings in life is helping me to not feel discouraged by current situations.  I did visit the nearby fitness facility and determined I didn't feel enough of a connection to pay $130 up front and sign an unbreakable, year-long contract.  I feel good about that decision!  Now, I'm weighing pros and cons of two different gyms!  Also, I've been making healthy smoothies... they're so good and fulfilling!

Challenges: I've helped myself to a lot of sweets this past week.  Darn sweet tooth.  It's mean!  I'm unsure of my current weight and whether I've had a gain or loss.  The reason?  I've been dealing with some health issues and just need a break from weighing to ensure I don't add to the anxiety I'm battling.  It's times like these that really test your ability to remain positive... and test your faith that everything happens the way it's supposed to.  I'm remembering there's a plan for my life that's greater than I can imagine.  


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