Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Wednesday Wow Factor!

Week 24
Start date: 12/28/11
Initial weight: 218
Current weight: 199
This week's loss: No loss, no gain
Total weight loss: 19 pounds

Last week's dream focus: Nurture myself when needed.  It’s a must!  Eat healthy and sensibly, especially during the weekend.  Continue praying about that spark needed to help me get back on the fitness train!  I also plan to read the blog posts I wrote during the beginning of my journey to remember, in my own words, how I felt when I worked out.  I feel it might be beneficial!

What went well:  Taking a break from blogging this weekend really helped me to refocus, clear my mind, and nurture my soul.  It took some pressure off and I was able to keep my eyes on what really mattered and let the stress melt away.  I did a BUNCH of walking this past weekend… so much I could feel it in my abs!  It felt great!

I’ve spent more time being thankful for all the small blessings in life and my outlook has morphed into something beautiful.  I really love the way it makes me feel.

Challenges: I was surrounded by country fried “home cooked” meals this weekend (rolls with butter, mashed potatoes and gravy, fried okra, etc.) and ate some of everything.  It’s a shock that I didn’t gain weight.  I think the amount of walking I did and keeping the balance during other meals attributed!  I ate some s’mores (YUM) and a banana split (the entire thing) and I feel like I got my fill for a while.  Sometimes seeing how many calories you consume after you finished it and have that full, gross feeling changes the way you feel about wanting to consume that many calories in one sitting again. 

This week's dream focus: Continue being okay with taking breaks when needed.  I plan to visit a nearby gym to see if I like the facilities and want to become a member (I’m hoping I love it).  I want to incorporate more movement into my life and eat healthier, staying under my caloric intake budget every day… not just during the week overall.  Finally, I want to focus on making GOOD decisions each time I eat and not telling myself lies like “this one time doesn’t matter” or “I can go overboard this one time because ___.”