Friday, June 1, 2012

Wednesday Wow Factor!

Week 22
Start date: 12/28/11
Initial weight: 218
Current weight: 199
This week's loss: No loss, no gain
Total weight loss: 19 pounds

Last week's dream focus: Continue focusing on being HEALTHY and making good choices. Remember that EVERY decision matters.  When I'm tempted to think "It's okay to eat this unplanned food because it's just this one time", respond with "I'm fooling myself if I think this time doesn't matter because EVERY time matters!  Every time I eat off track it's more likely I will the next time, which delays my dream from being reality.  Every time I stick to my plan, it's more likely I will the next time, which brings me closer to my dream!"  Celebrate every small victory.  Implement more healthy movement into my day, even if it's not a "workout".  Continue embracing the really difficult and challenging aspects of this journey... I'll feel so much more accomplished and proud of myself when my dream becomes reality.

What went well:  I didn't go crazy while in Louisiana eating boiled crawfish, jambalaya pasta, boudin sausage, Whataburger, Johnny's Pizza, and a fish fry!  Oh, and let's not forget the sweet tea!  When Monday rolled around, I was actually 200 calories under my weekly budget!  This week started out rough but I have three more days to make the adjustments needed to make it better. 

I also kept pretty active, with the exception of two full days in the car.

Challenges: It was very difficult having all that amazing southern food surrounding me and fighting off the urge to give in and overindulge.  My mind kept telling me "you're on vacation... you'll only get some of this food once in a while so you should just get your fill before it's too late"... and "it's no big deal if you ignore the fact that you aren't truly hungry and eat anyway.  You have a good excuse."

I fought those thoughts and didn't let them win all but twice.  And I think that's REALLY GOOD!  I'm super proud of myself and that feels great!

This week's dream focus: I'm focusing on all the great, positive things I'm doing and finding ways to improve the areas I'm struggling in.  I plan to get back on track and focus on making good choices.  I will also implement more healthy movement into my day and work out at least one time this week. 

Don't you love how it feels to choose a positive outlook?  I'm throwing my hands in the air and enjoying this roller coaster ride!

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