Friday, June 22, 2012

We Always Have A Choice


Can you imagine how it would look if every family had this routine?  Heck, what if your family, alone, lived this way?  Maybe easier said than done, but a pretty awesome thought to entertain. 

I try my best to do this routine day after day, but life can really throw you hurdles.  Even the smallest frustrations can dull your sparkle and get the best of you.  I certainly fall short on a daily basis.  But remember, we have an enemy who doesn't want to see you do good things, especially for God.  The key is to talk yourself through it. 

You can say aloud to the devil "Okay, that is NOT going to ruin MY day!  I think you forgot I'M AMAZING and God has super plans for me!  GO AWAY!"  People might call me crazy, but I do this... and it makes me feel better!

My incredibly wonderful friend Erika inspired me to talk about being amazing after reading her post, 'How To Be Amazing'.  Read it.  It's really good!  Erika reminded me that we always have a choice in how we respond to a situation. 


...let me be sure you heard this...


WE decide how we will respond to EVERY situation. 
WE determine the volume of our voice.
WE determine what body language we'll use when we interact with someone.
WE decide if we're going to interact at all.
WE determine what kinds of words we'll use during the conversation.
WE determine the tone of voice when we say those words.
WE decide who else to involve.
WE decide to stay or walk away.
WE decide to be accountable for our actions or be a victim and place blame.
WE decide to assume or focus on the facts.
WE decide to see the person as a person, or as a problem.
WE decide what kind of message we want to send.
WE determine our relationships with others.
WE decide if we'll let pride get in our way or swallow it whole.
WE decide to forgive or hold a grudge.
WE decide to focus on our past or on our present and our future.
WE determine how our interaction will affect someone else's day... and life.
WE determine the kind of day we're going to have.
WE determine our future...


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