Sunday, June 24, 2012

Somebody's Watchin' Me

This pretty much sums up the way I go through life.  I want to make others smile and feel good... so much that I sometimes ignore my own feelings.  Finding the right balance is key. 

Trying to ignore pain and 103 degree weather today, I had to find something else to focus on.  Enter... music. 

Driving alone, it's just me and the music of my choice.  Praise & worship, 90's throwback songs, and a variety of others.  I jam out.  It's my time to escape, have fun, and brighten my own day!

Notice that I mentioned I was driving alone.  No one was in the car with me... but I was being watched.  It seems as though I passed a family I knew on I-435.  I didn't realize I passed them.

But they saw me driving.

They saw me singing. 

They laughed.

They took a picture.

They posted it on Facebook.

The caption read "Chrissy singing and driving...makes me smile!!!!"

Oh, here's the picture...

Now, I've gotta admit that I felt embarrassed for like the first two seconds after I saw the post.  But then I realized that in losing myself in the moment, in letting go of my worries, in forgetting about the pain and heat of the day, I made someone smile while making myself feel better!  I was just having so much fun singing and being free that nothing else mattered.

We can affect the lives of others in both positive and negative ways.  We should be so careful with our words and actions, even when we don't think others are watching.  I try so hard do this, but I definitely fail. 

Start becoming more aware of how your words, body language, facial expressions, tone of voice, and actions will affect others.  Who could be watching?  How will it make them feel?  What story am I telling?

Then ask yourself, "Is this the impression I want to leave?"


  1. Love it! I totally want to know and be friends with people who sing out loud in the car!

  2. :) We should ride together to a game!!!! All out PARTY in the Acadia!!!!!

  3. That is too cute, Chrissy! Reminds me of the old school days of just having fun singing and being a dorky girl! ;-)

  4. HECK YES!!! ...and that's how I roll - feelin' young, being a dork, singing at the top of my lungs!!!

    KICKIN' IT OLD SKEWL!!!!!!! :)