Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Good Morning, Meltdown

I had a meltdown this morning. 

Frustrated with work and where I am in my journey, I lost control and my emotions got the best of me.  Tears came pouring out and I wanted to punch something.  Fortunately, I was working from home. 

Oh, and no one was injured.  :)

I wanted to give up.  I wanted to quit my job.  I just wanted to go back to sleep and not deal with it.  But this is life and I can't ignore it.  I had to face the adversity head-on.  And I had to make it to my Dare to Dream session at 11:00.

I've been disheartened with the recent low attendance in the Dare to Dream sessions.  I've been telling myself that projects are busy and vacations are kicking in, but I still worried that I wasn't doing enough to keep everyone interested and connected.  If Dare to Dream were to fail, my dream of being a full-time dream coach might disappear along with it. 

That thought knocks the wind out of me.

I called in and waited for others to arrive.  My co-worker/friend/supervisor/coach/accountability partner was the first.  After 12 minutes passed I worried that she would be the only one.  But then she received a text from someone needing the call-in number... and after they dialed in, we had a total of 8!  Much better than the numbers from the last few weeks!

After an amazing session, I felt like I'd breathed into an oxygen mask for an hour.  I felt refreshed, revived, encouraged, uplifted, supported, and loved.  Yes, loved... by co-workers.  They voiced the most amazing words that I needed to hear... just at the right time.  I can't even tell you how that group was able to breath some life back into my dreams. 

I know that God put those very people on that call today and some of you amazing followers of my blog to remind me to have hope... to trust that He holds the plans for my future.  And, my support system on earth can help me with reminders of the small things... those little things we tend to lose sight of when life gets overwhelming. 

Thank you, God.  Thank you, friends.  You're really amazing!


  1. It was so great... all that energy back together. Don't totally give up. There is an ebb and flow to things. It all cycles. There will be moments of pause, and moments where everything rolls. Allow yourself to rest and regroup. I have felt so similarly before. Hugs! ♥

  2. Oh, and I wanted to say... cry it out. Sometimes life happens and we just have to release all that tension! It's exhausting but I always feel like.. ok, now that that is over, I think I might be able to go on...

  3. Liz, you are a PEACH!!!! :)

    As you already know, I'm SO good with crying! I rarely ever hold back my tears. My issue is being okay with the anger I sometimes feel... so I scream into pillows and hit the mattress (and I still feel psycho). But like you said, after it's over and I've gotten it out, I feel so much better. And I can definitely move forward.

    The Dare to Dream session yesterday helped me more than you'll know. Every one of you said things I needed to hear - especially taking time to recharge/regroup/refresh myself. I want to focus on nurturing myself in addition to others! HUGS!!!! <3