Thursday, June 28, 2012

Dust It Off

So you got off track a little. 

Okay, maybe a lot.

Maybe you fell off the wagon completely. 

Let me tell you something..................................... it's okay.

You haven't messed up beyond repair!  Trust me, I've gotten off track, too.  Many times.  But we don't have to feel hopeless and desperate when find ourselves in this place.  Sometimes the most difficult and rewarding thing we can do is forgive ourselves, get up, dust it off, and start over. 

It feels good to get back on track... to start feeling accomplished in doing the things that bring us closer to our dream.  So how do we get there?

For me, I find that I'm more successful when I take it slow (even though I'd like this weight to fall off FAST!)  I can't change all the bad habits I've developed these past 10+ years overnight.  I have to accept this fact and be okay with it. 

It helps me to focus first on the reasons I started turning to food for comfort.  What led me here?  Have I dealt with these feelings?  Am I harboring anger, hurt, or heartache inside?  If I haven't processed these emotions, I have to begin the process of healing.  You could write down your frustrations and feelings, then tear them up.   Or maybe you talk with a coach, therapist, counselor, or friend.  The process has to begin.

Maybe you've processed these emotions but feel stuck in this habit.  Just be okay with taking the process one day at a time.  Forgive yourself when you make mistakes, because you will.  Just pick yourself up, dust it off, and keep going.  Believe me, your dream is worth it!  YOU are worth it! 

You deserve to be happy.  Keep your eyes on your dream and, if you believe it can come true you'll make it happen.