Saturday, June 16, 2012

5 Days of Gratitude - Day 2

Day 2

Being thankful for sweet blessings is FUN!  When you start focusing on these small but beautiful gifts, it fills your soul with pure joy!  I'm so excited to share today's gifts with you.  (I might have gotten a little carried away with the photos, but it was so exciting!)


The boy's baseball team had a pancake breakfast fundraiser this morning.   Time the alarm clock went off?  6:15 A.M... on a Saturday.  Time of arrival?  7:30 A.M... on a Saturday. I'm not a morning person, but I made the most of it because I was focused on the blessings!   The pancakes were good, the entertainment was... well, interesting.  It was nice to watch the boys "work" and have fun earning money for their team.  I spent some sweet time with my husband and had great conversations.  All in all, it was a great way to start my morning!

On the way home, we were blessed with this precious encounter... a flock of geese stopping traffic to cross the road!  My husband and I are waterfowl hunters (ducks and geese) and, as funny as it sounds, we just loving seeing geese do what they do (we aren't cold-blooded killers - we respect animals and believe in conservation).  Geese are so interesting and you can learn a lot from them.  While some people would get frustrated by the delay in getting where they're going, we brake with gladness!  We just love geese!

 Ahh, the boy and Dixie, our Border Collie.  She's 100 miles an hour 95% of the time.  She's a herding dog and rounds up the cats and her brother (the boy) all day, every day.  I snapped this picture because it was rare to find her "off the job".  The big baby.  18 seconds later she was chasing our cat Tallulah into the kitchen (standard operating procedure).

I bought veggies to make homemade salsa because it SCREAMS summer!  I've been craving it... and peaches.  Oh man, craving peaches like crazy.  I bought some but they're in the "brown paper bag ripening process" right now... but I digress.  I made salsa and it rocked my world.  And those two great big jalapenos... they were hot.  I didn't get rid of the seeds.  My lips were BURNING two hours later in Target.  But they didn't swell, so it was only obvious to me.  :)  And, to my surprise, the boy liked this straight vegetable fixin'.  (Note: here's a new way to get more veggies into our daily intake!)  Salsa = success (and a super awesome blessing)!

It's time to try my hand at "gardening" again.  (Take a deep breath.  Now, exhale.)  We're pretty convinced that I don't have a green thumb.  I started growing wild flowers seeds a month ago but killed them with love (love = over watering).  So, just like my weight loss journey, I'm not giving up and throwing in the towel.  I truly believe I have a green thumb somewhere in me and I'm determined to find it.  My grandma had an awesome green thumb and she gave it to my momma... did I fall asleep in that class?  What the heck?  Hey, I need to add that to my dream list! 

So here's proof that my last attempt at green thumb mastery failed and proof that I'm trying again.  That round planter is full of dirt and dead wild flowers that never bloomed.  (So sad.)  That rectangular planter is a super old plastic planter I spray painted to match the round one (both old and formerly terra cotta colored).  Spray paint can work wonders on old stuff!

Here's the finished product!  I'm SO PROUD OF MYSELF!!  Yes, this is only day one of the Cosmos and Zinias' new home, but I believe I can keep them alive!  (Pray for me.  Or maybe you should pray for the flowers.)  They might be super basic to others but they were a victory and blessing for me!  (And on clearance for $2.50 a pot, I couldn't pass them up!)  Perfect color combo for the summer.  I'm stoked.

..and my final picture. 
I love these little flowers.  The colors, the shapes, they way they look in my old galvanized metal planter.  They make me happy (and I want to keep them alive!).  To this picture I added a phrase from the One Thousand Gifts blog that was meaningful to me.  It's a great reminder...


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