Friday, June 15, 2012

5 Days of Gratitude - Day 1


Well kids, my day started out a little chaotic!  A late start, traffic issues, a headache, and I couldn't connect to the network for the first 5 hours of my work day.  I was left with this span of time to sit around and think (in between log-in attempts). 

I thought a lot about the blessings in my life.  About the sweet things, the little things that usually go unnoticed.  I really want to focus more on these kinds of moments.

So for the next five days, I'm going to share with you some things from each day I'm grateful for.  They might be random.  They might be meaningless to you.  But they are precious to me, no matter how simple!  I hope you enjoy them!

Here's what I saw while I sat around my desk thinking about stuff... frustrated I couldn't just log in and test (of course, this inability to connect happened during the middle of our peak testing period).  I noticed the Dream sign my fellow dreamer, Liz, gave me.  Such a sweet, gentle reminder during a difficult time.  It calmed me down, helped me refocus, and I felt blessed.  (Thanks SO much, Liz!)

While cleaning my space (because I'm psycho and can't sit still), I dusted off the good ole Magic 8 Ball.  (Note: I don't base my life decisions on the answers that appear, nor do I believe this is some know-all, see-into-the-future contraption.  It's totally for humor.)  The Magic 8 Ball makes me laugh and laughing makes me feel good.  So I asked it one question: "Will I be able to log in before 4:00 today?"  See answer above.  I logged in at 2:01.  You have now entered... The Twilight Zone.   :)

I was stuck in a meeting that lasted forever.  I was slowly drifting in and out of consciousness.  I was losing my mind.  I started creating new playlists in my head of 90's songs from my high school days ('Now That We Found Love', Heavy D and the Boyz; "Motownphilly", Boyz II Men; "Tennessee", Arrested Development' and more!)  It was fun!  Then I took this picture feeling blessed I have a job.

I took my lunch break with my husband and best friend.  We went to the bank and then ate at El Chupacabra (a restaurant named after a lengendary criptid "goat sucker".  Pretty gross, but the food is really good!)  On the way to our parking garage, my sugar held my hand.  It gave me an instant smile and I couldn't breathe!  I snapped this picture, although not discretely enough.  He caught me.  He liked it.  I loved it. 

And I love the feeling of my hand in his...