Saturday, June 30, 2012

Made to Move

SPEAK LOUDLY - to yourself... and others.

Lift yourself up... and lift others up. 

Encourage yourself... and encourage others.

Be kind to yourself... and be kind to others.

Love yourself... and love others.

Be fair to yourself... and be fair to others.

Be proud of yourself... and be proud when others do well.

Care about yourself... and care about others.

Be patient with yourself... and be patient with others.

Be slow to anger with yourself... and be slow to anger with others.

Respect yourself... and respect others.

Move yourself... and move others.

Thursday, June 28, 2012

Dust It Off

So you got off track a little. 

Okay, maybe a lot.

Maybe you fell off the wagon completely. 

Let me tell you something..................................... it's okay.

You haven't messed up beyond repair!  Trust me, I've gotten off track, too.  Many times.  But we don't have to feel hopeless and desperate when find ourselves in this place.  Sometimes the most difficult and rewarding thing we can do is forgive ourselves, get up, dust it off, and start over. 

It feels good to get back on track... to start feeling accomplished in doing the things that bring us closer to our dream.  So how do we get there?

For me, I find that I'm more successful when I take it slow (even though I'd like this weight to fall off FAST!)  I can't change all the bad habits I've developed these past 10+ years overnight.  I have to accept this fact and be okay with it. 

It helps me to focus first on the reasons I started turning to food for comfort.  What led me here?  Have I dealt with these feelings?  Am I harboring anger, hurt, or heartache inside?  If I haven't processed these emotions, I have to begin the process of healing.  You could write down your frustrations and feelings, then tear them up.   Or maybe you talk with a coach, therapist, counselor, or friend.  The process has to begin.

Maybe you've processed these emotions but feel stuck in this habit.  Just be okay with taking the process one day at a time.  Forgive yourself when you make mistakes, because you will.  Just pick yourself up, dust it off, and keep going.  Believe me, your dream is worth it!  YOU are worth it! 

You deserve to be happy.  Keep your eyes on your dream and, if you believe it can come true you'll make it happen.

Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Wednesday Wow Factor!

Week 26
Start date
: 12/28/11
Initial weight:
Current weight:
This week's loss
: ?
Total weight loss:
19 (?)

Last week's dream focus

What went well:  Some days I had a loss of appetite, so I didn't consume much food and came in under my daily caloric budget.  The other days I seemed to come in just over budget, so I kind of made up for those calories I missed.  Not a great thing but at least I didn't blow it during the week!  I really fought overwhelming emotions and any temptation of "emotional eating".  Folks, for me to NOT turn to food for comfort is a GREAT, BIG VICTORY!!!  YEE HAW!!!

I launched the "Overweight... AND OVER IT!" Facebook page (finally) this week!  I put it off forever because I knew it would be a challenge, a headache, and would take time and patience.  It was all of the above but I powered through it and it's gonna pay off! 

I was again tempted by sweets, but I did say 'no' a few times (and was better than last week).  I took another break from weighing this week due to the continuing health concerns.  I'm focused on remaining positive, acknowledging blessings, and keeping my faith strong that everything will be fine. 

I'm also giving myself pep talks every day when I feel guilty for not being very active.  Right now, the gym and Zumba are just not options with the pain I'm feeling.  I can definitely do some of the "Lazy Girl Fitness" moves I learned this week, so it isn't all bad, right? 

This week's dream focus:

Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Presenting... a New Facebook Page!

'Overweight... AND OVER IT!" has a new Facebook page

It's long overdue and I'm sorry for putting it off, but I hope it will be worth the wait!  Be sure to share the new page with your friends!

Please be patient while I learn how to add the cute little "Follow me on Facebook" icon to the blog!  Also, if you have any desire to follow an 'Overweight... AND OVER IT!" Twitter account, please let me know.  I haven't caught the Twitter bug yet, but would gladly make it happen if there's enough interest!

Lastly, I just want to say how much I appreciate your support and encouragement in this journey... putting it all out there. It's scary and embarrassing and exciting and difficult and fun all at the same time.  I'm truly grateful to have a support system this strong.  Today I passed 10,000 views in seven months.  THANK YOU!

Together, we can do AMAZING THINGS!  :)

Monday, June 25, 2012

The Courage to Continue

Truthfully, fitness has been the last thing on my mind the past several days.  It's mostly a result of not feeling my best.  But today I came across this blog post called Lazy Girl Fitness.  Blogger Meghan Bailey shows us several fitness moves we can do while performing everyday tasks such as microwaving food, brushing our teeth, and reading a book, to name a few. 

Talk about EASY!  DUH.  (Multitasking can be our friend.) 

I hadn't though of "working out' while I'm waiting on water to boil or while drying my hair.  Such a great idea!  I'm pretty sure I could start this tonight and feel good about it!

It's been a while since I've worked out.  I'm trying not to be too hard on myself about it.  This uncomfortable pain I've been experiencing is just a minor setback, it's not the end of my weight loss journey. 

I've come to accept that there are things I need to focus on and figure out during my time on the plateau.  There are things to work through and improve on before I'm ready to add serious fitness back into my daily routine.  We have to be okay with not taking on the world and maintaining that same pace from day one.  True, some people can do it.  But the diet industry leads me to believe that more people struggle with decreasing their caloric intake, exercising daily, eating healthier, and motivating themselves than not.  If it were easy, most everyone would be thin and healthy. 

We'll have ups and downs.  We'll have good days and bad.  We'll want to give up.  But if we keep going, even when it's difficult... if we don't throw in the towel altogether, we'll have such a better chance of seeing our dream come true.  

Believe in yourself, trust the journey, and turn your dream into reality. 


Sunday, June 24, 2012

Somebody's Watchin' Me

This pretty much sums up the way I go through life.  I want to make others smile and feel good... so much that I sometimes ignore my own feelings.  Finding the right balance is key. 

Trying to ignore pain and 103 degree weather today, I had to find something else to focus on.  Enter... music. 

Driving alone, it's just me and the music of my choice.  Praise & worship, 90's throwback songs, and a variety of others.  I jam out.  It's my time to escape, have fun, and brighten my own day!

Notice that I mentioned I was driving alone.  No one was in the car with me... but I was being watched.  It seems as though I passed a family I knew on I-435.  I didn't realize I passed them.

But they saw me driving.

They saw me singing. 

They laughed.

They took a picture.

They posted it on Facebook.

The caption read "Chrissy singing and driving...makes me smile!!!!"

Oh, here's the picture...

Now, I've gotta admit that I felt embarrassed for like the first two seconds after I saw the post.  But then I realized that in losing myself in the moment, in letting go of my worries, in forgetting about the pain and heat of the day, I made someone smile while making myself feel better!  I was just having so much fun singing and being free that nothing else mattered.

We can affect the lives of others in both positive and negative ways.  We should be so careful with our words and actions, even when we don't think others are watching.  I try so hard do this, but I definitely fail. 

Start becoming more aware of how your words, body language, facial expressions, tone of voice, and actions will affect others.  Who could be watching?  How will it make them feel?  What story am I telling?

Then ask yourself, "Is this the impression I want to leave?"

Saturday, June 23, 2012

Make It Happen

So during my visit to the doctor last week, they did some blood work to check things out.  Last summer, the doctor told me my cholesterol levels came back high.  (Truthfully, I don't know which levels were high - good/bad/etc.  I didn't pay much attention when she was explaining it because, frankly, I didn't want to hear it.  I was sickened that I was being told I had high cholesterol at 33 years of age.  I was angry, to be honest.)  She prescribed some cholesterol medications and I was to pick them up at the pharmacy later that day. 

Um, no.


I wasn't about to start taking more medication.  I got myself into this mess and I can get myself out of it.  People do it all the time... can't I? 

So, I didn't pick 'em up.  And a few months later when my doctor asked me if I was taking it, I told her no.  She didn't really seem pleased, but I informed her I had started making changes to lower it on my own and we moved on.  Yesterday the nurse called with my lab results and said "Everything looks great!  All your levels are normal.  Just keep doing whatever it is you're doing!"



I didn't need some stinkin' medicine.  I did it by eating less, moving more, and adding the kinds of foods that help to lower cholesterol (oatmeal, granola, high-fiber foods, bananas, almonds, pistachios, yogurt, & olive oil, to name a few).



The best part, I'm now 34 and do NOT have high cholesterol.  21 pounds down... a bunch to go... and I'm feeling so much healthier and better about myself! 

Keep your dreams alive.  Keep believing they'll come true, because they will if you have faith and believe.  Don't give up when fear creeps in.  Don't stop focusing on your dreams when negative thoughts occur.  Trust the journey.  Love every part of it.  Embrace what it's teaching you.  Absorb it into your full being. 

Whatever you do, don't let your dreams die...

Friday, June 22, 2012

We Always Have A Choice


Can you imagine how it would look if every family had this routine?  Heck, what if your family, alone, lived this way?  Maybe easier said than done, but a pretty awesome thought to entertain. 

I try my best to do this routine day after day, but life can really throw you hurdles.  Even the smallest frustrations can dull your sparkle and get the best of you.  I certainly fall short on a daily basis.  But remember, we have an enemy who doesn't want to see you do good things, especially for God.  The key is to talk yourself through it. 

You can say aloud to the devil "Okay, that is NOT going to ruin MY day!  I think you forgot I'M AMAZING and God has super plans for me!  GO AWAY!"  People might call me crazy, but I do this... and it makes me feel better!

My incredibly wonderful friend Erika inspired me to talk about being amazing after reading her post, 'How To Be Amazing'.  Read it.  It's really good!  Erika reminded me that we always have a choice in how we respond to a situation. 


...let me be sure you heard this...


WE decide how we will respond to EVERY situation. 
WE determine the volume of our voice.
WE determine what body language we'll use when we interact with someone.
WE decide if we're going to interact at all.
WE determine what kinds of words we'll use during the conversation.
WE determine the tone of voice when we say those words.
WE decide who else to involve.
WE decide to stay or walk away.
WE decide to be accountable for our actions or be a victim and place blame.
WE decide to assume or focus on the facts.
WE decide to see the person as a person, or as a problem.
WE decide what kind of message we want to send.
WE determine our relationships with others.
WE decide if we'll let pride get in our way or swallow it whole.
WE decide to forgive or hold a grudge.
WE decide to focus on our past or on our present and our future.
WE determine how our interaction will affect someone else's day... and life.
WE determine the kind of day we're going to have.
WE determine our future...


Thursday, June 21, 2012

Love Life... It Will Love You Back

No matter what life throws at you, love it.  Love the blessings.  Love the great, wonderful things about your life and what you're going through.  Find the good in it.  No matter how you feel, there IS good in everything. 

I've been dealing with some health issues these past few weeks.  I'm in constant pain, sometimes worse than others.  It's not fun.  It's not ideal.  But I'm looking for the good things about it... like how my appetite has really decreased.  I can't hold as much food in my stomach as I normally would... and without the gross throwing up or other inconveniences!  YAY!  I've been craving healthy foods and grazing on them throughout the day. 

Like my current obsession... peaches!!!!!!!  (Note to self: the riper the peach, the more juice there is to spill out onto your desk and keyboard.  And that means the slurping noise will carry across the open floor plan... your co-workers will hear you.  And they might make fun.  Just remember that.) 

Let me tell you, this peach was WORTH any teasing!!! 

God obviously knew I needed to change my view of life and the adversity I will face.  I love being more thankful for things.  I love looking at the world with a grateful, loving eye.  I realized today that I can't waste my minutes worrying about something that hasn't happened.  I can't rob my family and friends and strangers of blessings by wallowing in worry of the unknown.  It's not fair to them... or to me.   I never want to look back on today and regret that I didn't enjoy the moments because I was too busy complaining or anxious about a circumstance. 

I need to love and live life fully, with every breath, with everything I am.  I'm already feeling it's arms around me, loving me back.  And the more thankful I am to God for these gifts, these incredible gifts, the closer I feel to Him. 

Thank you, Father.... from the bottom of my heart.  Thank you for what was, what is, and what is to come.  I know Your plan is greater than mine. I know You gave me these dreams and they can change at any time.  I trust you, Lord, and give my all to You.  Amen.

Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Wednesday Wow Factor!

Week 25
Start date: 12/28/11
Initial weight: 218
Current weight: ?
This week's loss
: ?
Total weight loss:
19 (?)

Last week's dream focus: Continue being okay with taking breaks when needed.  I plan to visit a nearby gym to see if I like the facilities and want to become a member (I’m hoping I love it).  I want to incorporate more movement into my life and eat healthier, staying under my caloric intake budget every day… not just during the week overall.  Finally, I want to focus on making GOOD decisions each time I eat and not telling myself lies like “this one time doesn’t matter” or “I can go overboard this one time because ___.”

What went well:  Staying focused on the small blessings in life is helping me to not feel discouraged by current situations.  I did visit the nearby fitness facility and determined I didn't feel enough of a connection to pay $130 up front and sign an unbreakable, year-long contract.  I feel good about that decision!  Now, I'm weighing pros and cons of two different gyms!  Also, I've been making healthy smoothies... they're so good and fulfilling!

Challenges: I've helped myself to a lot of sweets this past week.  Darn sweet tooth.  It's mean!  I'm unsure of my current weight and whether I've had a gain or loss.  The reason?  I've been dealing with some health issues and just need a break from weighing to ensure I don't add to the anxiety I'm battling.  It's times like these that really test your ability to remain positive... and test your faith that everything happens the way it's supposed to.  I'm remembering there's a plan for my life that's greater than I can imagine.  


5 Days of Gratitude - Day 5

Day 5

Day 5... was actually yesterday!  I had so much work on my plate and was focused on keeping my mind from worrying about things I can't control.  As we all know, worrying doesn't do us any good.  I was feeling really exhausted and in pain, so any extra sleep sounded delightful.  Thank you for understanding and being patient during the intermission!  Now, on with the show...

My peaches were finally ripe enough to eat!  (Thank you, little brown bag!)  I'm pretty sure I've mentioned it in a previous post, but the very smell of a fresh peach instantly transports me to a summer day in my grandma's kitchen.  It makes me happy and miss her all in the same moment.  The memories of her fill my soul with joy and that in itself is a gift.  She was amazing and I miss her every day.

With my first ripe peach I made another smoothie to start my morning!  Oh and please notice day 3 of my flowers (still) living in their new home!  Anyway, this smoothie ROCKED my world!  It was so easy to make...

1 Medium Banana
1 Peach (with skin on)
1 Cup Non-Fat Peach Yogurt
Coconut Flakes

I just add the ingredients to your blender and blend well.  Pour into a Mason jar and top with coconut flakes.  UH-MAY-ZING!!!

Next we have Tallulah.  Ah, Tallulah.  I adopted her in 2008 from a local animal shelter.  She's an American Bobtail cat (born with no tail and has a little "cotton ball" in place of it).  She's super sweet but has a few bulbs missing from her Christmas tree.  Maybe it's the breed... maybe she got into some tainted beef (she was found as a stray scroungin' around the back of Bates City Bar-B-Que).  Never the less, I love this cat.  Oh, and she's the one Dixie loves to herd... ALL. DAY. LONG.  I came into the kitchen to find her in the sink... again.  She loves sunning herself in the sink.  She's a hot mess!

She helped me through difficult times and has given me lots of laughs.  For that, I'm grateful.

Speaking of Dixie, she was my personal assistant when I worked from home again.  She's better at herding the cats than helping me test software.  As you can she, she didn't do either for a while.  I love how much calmer the animals are when we work from home.  It's so sweet and peaceful.  A blessing.  Now, to bring that same peace into the work place...

 The boy had a baseball game.  The wind was blowing like 278 miles per hour.  Okay, more like 15 to 20 MPH, but still.  It was like three hours of extreme microderm abrasion.  I was gritty, nasty, funky, and grubby.  I had dust and dirt in my mouth and nostrils and eyes and every other place it didn't belong.  It frustrated me and grossed me out.  But watching the boy play ball is fun.  Seeing him "do his thang" makes me happy and I take it in.  These days fly by and I don't want to miss a thing.

This is my hunky husband.  I just LOVE this picture!!!  And let me introduce you to his purple LSU hat.  This hat... well, it's older than the boy.  It's been through good times and bad.  It's seen better days.  It's been everywhere, man.  :) 

Guys and their hats.  I guess it's like a good woman... you find one you like that compliments your personality and you just can't imagine life without it.  I've come to love this hat, especially when he wears it backwards.  It makes me so happy.  And even though it's a little worn and weathered, it makes me smile.


Tuesday, June 19, 2012


Enjoy this intermission between days 4 and 5 of '5 Days of Gratitude'.  I've taken pictures and have kept track of my blessings and gifts for the day, but I'm not feeling so well this evening and really need rest.

I'll be back tomorrow with Day 5 AND my Wednesday Wow Factor.  Y'all come back!

Monday, June 18, 2012

5 Days of Gratitude - Day 4

Day 4

Day 4 and still havin' fun!  You've just gotta give thanks.  I didn't feel so well today... allergy issues out the wazoo.  But even in the midst of sneezing my head off I still found plenty of things to be grateful for! 

The first thing I did was check on my newly planted flowers to be sure they're still alive.  Lookin' good!  I love how plants look in the early morning sunlight.  I wish my picture would have done it justice.  Seeing my flowers still alive made me happy!

Next up, breakfast!  Don't tell my husband, but I snuck a few of his blackberries and added them to my smoothie as a bonus.  It was well worth it!  I just love smoothies.  They taste amazing, they're low cal (if you make them right), and filled with stuff you SHOULD be eating.  Anything cold that reminds me of ice cream rocks my world.
Mmm... DEEEE-LISH!  Tasty and healthy!  What's in this banana berry smoothie? 
1 Medium Banana
5 Strawberries
6 Blackberries
1 Cup Non-Fat Vanilla Yogurt
Coconut Flakes

I just add the first seven ingredients to my blender (honey to taste, ice and water to desired consistency) and blend well.  Pour and top with coconut flakes (I sometimes add coconut flakes before blending and as a topping).  Give it a try!

While waiting in the doctor's office, I found this article in Real Simple magazine.  So cute!  5 New Uses for a Cereal Box (stuff I could totally Mod Podge and use at home, church, or work).  It made me smile and decreased my anxiety about the appointment.  I'm certain God showed me this page to keep focused on something other than what the enemy wanted me to worry about.  "Be anxious for nothing, but in everything by prayer and supplication with thanksgiving let your requests be made known to God."  Phillipians 4:6

Oh gosh, I'm sorry Florida.  I'm SO sorry y'all went 0-2 in the College World Series.  And I'm sorry Kent State was the team to take it from you.  It's hard to be #1... there's an automatic target on your back.  Nothing personal.  We're just big LSU fans.  And since LSU let Stony Brook get the best of them in the Super Regional, I'm pullin' for Kent State all the way.  GEAUX GOLDEN FLASHES!!!
(Yay for college baseball and the College World Series!)

And today, we worked from home.  When we work from home, these are our co-workers.  B.B. is our cat in the first picture.  Dixie is our Border Collie diggity dawg.  And the cat she's "spoonin" is Tallulah.  Those two are usually fighting like... well... cats and dogs.  There's some kind of peace that comes over the animals when we work from home.  They get along a little more than normal (because we don't normally ever see Dixie being sweet to Tallulah... she's usually herding her all over the house; nipping and being jealous).  Sweet animals.  Gotta love 'em...


Sunday, June 17, 2012

5 Days of Gratitude - Day 3

Day 3

Today has been FUN!  I love being grateful!  I looked at everything differently today and it was a blast.  Let's get to it, shall we?

I started the day out with praise team practice at 8 AM.  It was filled with the Holy Spirit and touched my soul.  I'm thankful that God placed me at Cross Creek Baptist Mission to lead others into worship to Him.  Singing words I really mean, remembering things I've been through and where He's brought me, it's humbling.  Truly an honor and a blessing! 

I also had the privilege to recognize the fathers in our church this morning for Father's Day!  I did my best to fight back tears but, in true emotional Chrissy fashion, I bawled like a baby.  Just thinking about how much my parents mean to me, the sacrifices they've made and still make, the constant praying and being there for me... it's overwhelming.  My dad is AMAZING.  He's selfless, strong, funny, courageous, encouraging, a prayer warrior, a great leader, teacher, pastor, and best of all.... he's real.  He makes mistakes and admits when he's messed up.  He rarely puts his needs before others' (maybe to a fault).  He's definitely my hero and I strive to have a prayer walk like his.  I love you, Dad! 
(P.S. - That's a picture of me with my dad at my pre-school graduation.  I struggled to find a more recent, better picture of us together and I'm running out of time tonight.  As you might imagine, we've grown since then.)

This is me with Averie after our Father's Day lunch.  Averie is my seven year old "best friend" at church and the inspiration to not give up on a dream.  She is so fun to be around and always makes my heart feel blessed beyond measure.  She inspires me, motivates me, and reminds me that anything's possible if we just believe and trust.

Today we found out Averie has a serious crush on the boy.  Apparently "he's cuter than Justin Beiber."  As you can see, she was so nervous and embarrassed around him and couldn't stop giggling!  It was the cutest thing ever.  I'm pretty sure she's the founding member of his fan club.  Adorable!

This sweet little memorial grave is for our beloved cat, Ms. Mammie.  We buried her last month on my parent's hill and built this cross and plaque in her honor. 

Today, we added the stones to frame her grave.  I'm so blessed by how it turned out.  Those Black-eyed Susans were growing wild just steps away, so I picked them and stuck them by her cross.  So beautiful!  I know Ma'ams would be really proud.

Also growing wild were these DELICIOUS blackberries!  My husband's favorite.  EVER.  While he did the dirty work, I picked berries for him.  We filled a bowl to the top! 
 I'm even more excited to know there's a ton of red ones just a week away from pickin'.  Yum.

The boy got to drive on the same country roads I learned on.  He's advanced from driving a golf cart to a truck.  And in the background of this picture is the field we hunt geese in during goose season.  I'm not sure exactly why, but that was the neatest thing for me.  A sweet gift.