Friday, May 25, 2012

Self Sabotage

Self sabotage... it's an ugly thing. 

We face temptation all day long.  Encountering smells, advertisements, other people eating food, our very own thoughts, and old habits that die hard, it's no wonder we find it so difficult to fight them off all day. 

But it is possible. 

And God has a plan for your life that FAR exceeds the circumstances of your day!

The book 'The Beck Diet Solution' by Judith S. Beck really helped me to think differently about my responses to self sabotaging thoughts.  The Beck Diet Solution Facebook page is a continuous help to me with daily reminders of how to talk back to those thoughts.  ('Like' it on Facebook!)

Here are three recent posts that spoke to me at just the right time:

"It’s okay to eat this unplanned food because it’s just this one time."
Response: I’m fooling myself if I think this time doesn’t matter because EVERY time matters. Every time I eat off track I make it more likely I will the next time, which makes dieting harder. Every time I stick to my plan I make it more likely I will the next time, which makes dieting EASIER!

If you think, “It’s okay to eat this because I just don’t care right now,” remind yourself that you definitely WILL care later, once the situation has passed and you feel bad and guilty and have potentially jeopardized your weight loss. Because of this, not caring at any one moment is NOT a valid excuse to eat off track.

Every time you have a good eating day, you build momentum to continue having good eating days. Start the week off right by making a commitment to have a good eating day TODAY and you’ll set a positive tone for the whole week to come!

I've put these responses into action and I KNOW they work!  I also know it doesn't work when I ignore the same responses.  Building your resistance "muscle" ensures that your weight loss will be successful and you'll be much more likely to maintain it.  That sounds a lot like this dream God laid on my heart!   :)

Don't give up, even if all you do is cry.  I've done a lot of that.  I just refuse to give up on this dream.  I hope you can find the desire to say the same for yourself.

Do not give up.


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