Monday, May 7, 2012

Monday Motivation!

Happy Monday!  Going along with my 'Wednesday Wow Factor' theme, I've decided to start a reoccurring post called 'Monday Motivation'.  Poor Mondays get a bad rap, but they really don't have to be awful, right?  I'll do my VERY best to have this one posted as early as I can every Monday! 

I try so hard to live this way.  I definitely mess up and fall short sometimes.  But when I think about those who have treated me in this manner I love how I feel inside.  I want to leave others feeling this way when they think of me.  And it's not about 'Chrissy', but I mean this in a genuinely sincere, "you are loved and lovable" way.  A way that inspires others to want to be kinder and sweeter to people.  Sunshine is contagious!

Building people up is extremely important!  Oddly enough, it's totally overlooked in many situations.  It may be uncomfortable or unnatural for certain people to build others up.  Maybe they didn't grow up in an environment where they felt encouraged or loved.  It breaks my heart to think people miss out on a childhood like this.  I only wish I could share pieces of my childhood with those who didn't know this amazing feeling.

We can't change our past; not our childhood, the things that happened to us, the choices we made, the things we said... it all happened.  It's made us who we are.  What we can do is accept that it happened and begin to search for what we can take from it to make our present and future better!

Is who you are right now who you really want to be?  Are there things you'd like to improve or change about yourself?  Then start today by letting go of the past.  Accept that it happened the way it did.  Forgive yourself for the things you regret, for the poor choices you made and the times you messed up.  Forgive others for the things they did to you.  Then, make an effort every day to leave it in the past and focus on the present and your dreams for the future!

Life is much too short to waste it putting energy towards feelings of jealousy, hate, envy, ill will, resent, unforgiveness, hostility, and a million other negative emotions.  They're deadly, toxic, and will ruin your life and your relationships with others. 

They will destroy you. 

Instead, nurture relationships.  Take a breather.  Walk away.  Think before you speak.  Be kind.  Bite your tongue.  Don't avoid issues.  Have crucial conversations with those you need to get along with.  Focus on the facts.  Remember the other person has feelings, just like you.  Try to find some middle ground.  Look for what you can learn from each situation.  Try to be a better version of yourself each day.  Love others.  When you do these things daily, you find a new kind of joy and happiness that you didn't know before!

Be the best version of yourself every day!

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