Monday, May 14, 2012

The Moments That Make Up Your Character

I need to be honest.  I'm struggling right now in my weight loss journey. 

Struggling big time. 

I've been trying so hard to motivate myself in different ways to exercise and make good food choices and not overeat.  I thought putting myself out there on this blog would be enough to hold me accountable.  And paired with my 'Wednesday Wow Factor' group at work, it would be even easier.  But wow...

I've begun noticing some old habits creeping their way back into my daily routine; laziness... doing anything but working out, eating too fast and helping myself to seconds, skipping meals... leading to ravenous eating, out-of-control cravings for sweets... and giving into them, low supply of the right kinds of foods around the house, and consuming mexican food out the ying-yang.  These have been my struggles in the past two weeks. 

But notice the key word: "past". 

Today is new. 

Those lapses in judgement are in the past.  

They aren't valid reasons to give up.

They serve a purpose.

I learned something new today.  We need to accept that it's going to be hard... it's going to be really, really hard at times.  We're going to mess up.  We're going to hit plateaus.  We won't always feel like doing what's necessary to become healthier versions of ourselves.  We'll be tempted to cheat and sneak and be lazy.  We'll be tempted to give up.  We'll be tempted to put ourselves down.  And we'll be tempted to ignore our dream... what we really deserve for our life.

Andie, from 'Can You Stay For Dinner' completely inspired me today when I read her blog post 'A Different Way to Think About Losing Weight'.  I HIGHLY encourage you to read this. 


It will take 3 to 5 minutes to read, but it's so worth it.  Andie is a motivational, inspirational, beautiful woman who lost 135 pounds and has maintained it for five years, while continuing to eat real foods.  She's actually my original inspiration for blogging my own journey.

Anyway, this post of her's is amazing.  It really changed how I've been looking at this plateau... this current struggle.

I need to share some words from Andie's blog.  The words that spoke to my heart the most.

"These are the trying times. These are the minutes, the hours, when you need to brace yourself and just ride it out. They are the ones that make up your character. Because, really- how you act when times are just peachy is nothing compared to how you act when times are rotten. The peachy times don’t say as much, anyway, about your strength or your determination. These moments where you feel your weakest, when you’re absolutely certain that you’d rather give up than keep going- they’re going to come.
And they



I’d liken it to this: If you decide to have a baby and no one tells you that yes, parenthood- while a life-altering miracle- is trying at times, then when you get to those moments where you feel drained and down, you’ll not know what to make of yourself for having those feelings. Am I a bad parent? Am I cut out for this? Am I doing this all wrong?

If there was no struggle, no strain, we wouldn’t feel so accomplished at the end. We couldn’t be so proud. It’d feel less special. So there’s merit to pointing out the hard parts. Weight loss will come with equal parts struggle and strength. And each will change along the way. You’ll know that it doesn’t stay hard forever. You’ll also know to buckle down when those hard parts come, sure that relief always follows. You’ll know that I felt it too, and that it gets better."

I really care about my character, strength, and determination, especially when times aren't peachy.  That REALLY spoke to me.  And accepting that struggles and pain are a part of this journey, and knowing I will feel more accomplished, special, and proud in the end really drives me to battle through. 

I continue to focus on my dream. I know it's meant to come true.  So I CAN and WILL bear this hardship today!

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