Sunday, May 6, 2012

The Life of a Dreamer

I'm not quite ready for summer and tank tops, let alone short sleeves.  I'm much more comfortable hidden in my long sleeved shirts and hoodies.  But now I have something new to focus on... AND I get to change up my workout routine! 

My dream to lose weight and maintain a healthy lifestyle is so close to my heart.  I REALLY want it to come true!  I'm excited to wear dresses again and to shop in stores that carry clothes I like, not just stores that carry my size. 

I'll admit I've been nervous about how my body will look after losing 70 to 80 pounds.  But I just can't continue allowing fear to hold me back from turning this dream into my everyday reality.  The great news is that I can take measures now to make the outcome better once the weight is gone! 

So my current focus is to work on toning my arms and add other toning exercises throughout the week.  I plan to do between 15 and 45 minutes of toning a day for the remainder of the month, replacing it with an aerobic/cardio workout when needed.

I've compiled a list of some arm toning workouts I plan to try this month.  Let me know if you try and like 'em, too!

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