Tuesday, May 15, 2012

I Solved a Math Problem!

Today I realized something BIG. 

Since I started this journey on December 28, 2011, I've continued to subconsciously think "I have 80 pounds to lose". 

Now, if you know me or follow my blog, you're very aware that Chrissy + math = frustration, disaster, and throwing in the towel.   :)


I've lost 21 pounds since the day I began this journey.  If I wanted to lose 80 pounds total, I only have 59 pounds left!!! 

Simple to you.  Incredible to me!

See how something as trivial as subconsciously focusing on the wrong number can place a barrier in your path?  So I hit a plateau.  So I haven't lost weight as rapidly this past month or two as I did in the first three months.  So I'm struggling to motivate myself to work out.  So I've had more cravings I've given into.  SO WHAT!

This is my journey and I'm learning how to fight through these battles.  I'm not alone in this.  I'm not the only one who's gone through it.  Other people have conquered and overcome and lost weight and maintained!

My New Focuses:
  • Don't put too much energy towards this 80 pound goal, even if it's less than it was when I started.
  • Focus on being healthy and making good choices.
  • When I make poor choices, I won't beat myself up.  Instead, I'll admit it was one mistake and I'll make a good effort to do better next time.
  • Search hard for the things I can learn during the plateaus and valleys, because they WILL occur.  I will be faced with them... on more than one occasion.
  • Celebrate every small victory.
  • Implement more healthy movement into my day, even if it's not a "workout".
  • Remember, I'll NEVER regret a workout but I'll always regret skipping one.
  • Embrace the really difficult and challenging aspects of this journey.  I'll feel so much more accomplished and proud of myself when my dream becomes reality.
  • Don't EVER give up on this.  Anything worth having is worth fighting for.


  1. LOVE IT!!! You go girl! SOOOOO proud of you! Have I ever told you that you inspire me? : ) Well, you DO! Thank you SO much for putting yourself out there. I look forward to you blog post every day! You ALWAYS make me smile and you ALWAYS encourage me! You make me stronger with each post! Slowly but surely I am climbing out of my pit! Hope the rest of your week is GREAT!

    1. YAY!! Thanks Tammy!! That means sooooo much to me. It's a slow process but each great thing we do counts, right?

      I hope your week is great, too!!! :)