Thursday, May 24, 2012

Embrace This Day

I believe I've crossed that line... and I crossed to the good side! 

This week has been GREAT!  I've starting improving my outlook and crawling my way up out of the valley.  I'm making much better choices again and I feel like I've found my second wind!  I've started "grazing" on small servings of food throughout the day and have been floored that I've felt fulfilled and how few calories I consume eating this way.  (Imma make it a habit!) 

This coming weekend and next week I'll be faced will extra challenges as I have some time away from work, but I've proven to myself in the past that I can handle it.  And I will this time!

I'm thankful for this journey... for the ups and downs.  It makes us stronger.  It makes us smarter.  It makes us better.  It makes us thankful.  It makes us healthy, both emotionally and physically.  It makes us new.  It helps us believe in ourselves.  It helps us grow.  It helps us help others. 

Embrace this day, no matter what you're faced with.  Believe you can make it through this and will find your way to a better place. We can do this...

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