Saturday, May 19, 2012

Aww, Honey

We all know I have a mean sweet tooth!  So why not figure out "sweet" things that are actually good for me (in moderation, of course).  I was thrilled when I stumbled upon an article describing how adding honey to your life can help shed some pounds!

I wasn't aware ---> "Honey is a simple sugar, but unlike white processed sugar it contains vitamins, minerals, and nutrients. When the body digests processed sugar it uses vitamins and minerals in the digestion process, rendering the sugar empty of any nutritional value. Honey helps speed up metabolism, which in turn helps the body burn more fat."

HECK YEAH!   I'm sold!

I think it's great to add as many smart, HEALTHY, foods options to our intake as we can.  Maybe, before I know it, all these additions will add up to a lifestyle of purely healthy eating.  (Don't forget, I'm a dreamer...)  


I’ll Have Some Honey (or I’ll Have Some, Honey)
  • Sweeten desserts, foods, and drinks with honey instead of white sugar.  Cutting back on processed sugary products insures that your body is absorbing more nutrients and consuming less calories.  If you crave something sweet, use honey instead of sugar.
  • Drinking a teaspoon of honey in warm water after meals helps with digestion by allowing the body to store vital, fat-busting minerals and vitamins, eliminating accumulated fats and waste products.
  • The combination of honey and lemon is a potent detoxifier and will kick-start the metabolism first thing in the morning.  Combine honey and lemon in a glass of warm or boiling water and drink in the morning before breakfast!
  • A tablespoon of cinnamon and a tablespoon of honey in a glass of warm or boiling water in the morning upon waking and in the evening before bed is believed to aid in weight loss.
  • We all know a drop of honey in tea is good for a sore throat, but you can add it to most drinks for an extra energy boost.   It’s way better than artificial sweeteners.  Forget energy bars and shots!  Try a tablespoon of honey before your next workout to boost athletic performance
  • Feeling lethargic?  Skip the coffee and try some honey.
  • Preserve fruit in a honey sauce with one part honey to ten parts water, and cover your berries!

Bottom line, honey is pretty awesome (in moderation)!


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