Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Wednesday Wow Factor!

Week 17
Start date
: 12/28/11
Initial weight:
Current weight:
This week's loss
: 1 pound
Total weight loss:
20 pounds

Last week's dream focus
: Rock the next crucial conversation, recommit to exercising, and eat sensibly when dining at a restaurant or ordering take-out foods.

What went well:  I worked out twice this week - one was a TONING SESSION (Yay!) - and I spent a lot of time on my feet between Friday and Sunday evening at the women's conference.  During the conference I was amazed at how little food I consumed (it was all delicious and paid for, so I could have really went wild but it just didn't seem like something I wanted to do)!  This week I ate a lot healthier than I had in the past, enjoying apples, pistachios, and more protein shakes!
The best thing about this past week: I purged old "junk" I'd been holding on to.  I now feel cleansed and renewed in my heart, mind, body, and spirit!  YEAH!
Realizing I really want to pursue becoming a certified Zumba instructor has motivated me to start working out more.  Last night (in the gross basement) I actually had fun!  I turned the mirror back around and really viewed my body in a different way.  I saw things I liked instead of only things I hated about myself.  That's a HUGE milestone to overcome!
Oh and I LOST A POUND!!!  It feels great to lose weight again.  It's been a while since I've seen the number go down!

Challenges: Mexican food.  Always.  And restaurants & take-outs scenarios are getting better, but they're still a little difficult sometimes. 

This week's dream focus: Work out three times and continue eating sensibly when dining at a restaurant or ordering take-out foods!


  1. BIG congrats on the loss and getting rid of old "junk" SO happy for you! Keep up the great work!!! But did you have that other crucial conversation yet? If so, did you rock it? If not, you STILL need to have it! Just trying to help you with your accountability. Keep on keeping on! Thanks for sharing yourself with bless me! <3

  2. Thanks for holding me accountable, Tammy!!!! I totally forgot to mention my update on that.

    God worked out the first part and I'm waiting for the opportunity to have the other half... unless He moves and resolves it, too! I'm certainly not avoiding it and am awaiting further guidance from my Father!