Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Wednesday Wow Factor!

Week 14
Start date
: 12/28/11
Initial weight:
Current weight:
This week's loss
: Gained 1 pound
Total weight loss:
19 pounds

Last week's dream focus: STOP SKIPPING MEALS!  Start eating the way I did in the first six weeks of my weight loss journey, find better ways of dealing with my frustration... hmm, like maybe working out?  Work out 2 times - keeping track of any bonus workouts, stay under caloric budget for the week, and stay positive!

What went well:  I worked out twice last week, including the fabulous 80's Zumba party where we danced for an hour and a half!  I had a bit of an eye-opening week in the way I view myself, my set-backs, and my journey.  

Even though I gained another pound, I don't feel defeated at all!  Instead, I feel refreshed and renewed!  I was shocked when I saw that I was one pound away from hitting the 200 mark again.  But I actually didn't want to cry.  I didn't want to give up.  I didn't feel anxious, stressed, sick, worried, or any of the old, "normal" emotions I used to feel.  I actually felt okay with it.  It was like I saw it as a one-time thing... that I would NOT allow myself to reach 200 again.  I love my dream and I know I'll make it a reality, so I look for the lesson(s) I needed during that week and I take them with me. 

Gosh, I'm just finding it difficult to explain how amazing and different I feel.  I just know that I love the person I'm seeing in the mirror now.  I love the person I see in my driver's license picture.  I love this journey.  And I love the person I'm becoming.

Other good news, I haven't felt angry this week!  And, I consulted with a GNC associate to purchase the best protein shake for my needs.  It's called
Dymatize Nutrition Elite Gourmet Protein and it tastes great! (So excited!)

Challenges: I'm still trying to motivate myself to implement the 15-20 minute toning and strength workouts around my high-impact dance sessions.  I haven't been skipping as many meals as the prior two weeks, but it's still a bit of a challenge.  And, since high school baseball has started, I've noticed our family has been eating less home cooked meals and more restaurant foods.  It's been a challenge to eat a salad instead of pizza.  But each time I do well, I'm strengthening my resistance "muscle" and it gets a little easier!  I did exceed my caloric budget by just under 200 calories (but it's no big thang)!
This week's dream focus: Eat sensibly when dining at a restaurant or ordering take-out foods; eat a healthy breakfast, even if it's a protein shake; work out 2 times, keeping track of any bonus workouts; stay under caloric budget for the week; and stay positive - finding the best in every situation!

Now let's go... and make our world more beautiful!


  1. Love it! So great to "meet" and talk today. I can so relate to the eating sensibly when going out. I still have the eyes r bigger than my stomach syndrome. Fortunately, my boyfriend, Rod, keeps me in check by not ordering sooooo much even though I'm saying omg, I'm starving!!! I love breadsticks but reality is , I've really don't need to order them because 2-3 pizza slices are enough for me :D

  2. DITTO!!! I always have to work hard at slimming my eyes when eating, especially when having mexican foods! It's especially difficult wait too long to eat a meal. I just keep working on strengthening that resistance muscle because I know it will bring me closer to my dream. And, one day it will be second nature!