Friday, April 6, 2012

Water: Every Day I'm Guzzilin'

Ya just gotta love water!  There are so many benefits we can receive from drinking water, so why do some people have a difficult time drinking enough of it every day?  I'm not sure, I just know we should make it a priority to drink more!

No one likes to feel bloated and sluggish.  And I'd love to flush out as many toxins as I can from my body.  We're probably all heard how important water it for glowing, healthy, hydrated skin.

It's easy to confuse hunger for thirst, leading us to eat when our bodies actually need water.  Try drinking water when you feel "hungry", then wait 20 minutes before eating something.  You'll either no longer feel hungry or it will reduce your hunger.  This will cause you to eat less... less calories can equal WEIGHT LOSS!

We can even kick up the water benefits by adding lemon to our hydration!  It's very low in calories and provides nutrients; lemons are high in citric acid and vitamins, as well as calcium and magnesium.  And lemon juice contains one of the highest amounts of vitamin C!  It soothes a sore throat, boosts metabolism, and aides in digestion!


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