Sunday, April 15, 2012

Show Those Pearly Whites!

When faced with challenging situations, it can be super difficult to hold it together, let alone maintain your smile.  Things can happen so fast, too.  Everything will be fine one minute and the next you're blindsided with someone's negative comment, action, or body language.  It tries to instantly consume you and steal your joy.  It tries to change your spirit. 

But you know what?  YOU DON'T HAVE TO LET IT.

YOU decide how you're going to react.
YOU can acknowledge that you might not be the cause of their behavior.
YOU can acknowledge that maybe they're just taking it out on you.
YOU can acknowledge that maybe there's something wrong and it does involve you.
YOU can ask if everything's okay and if they want to talk.
YOU can pray for them if they don't.
YOU can decide that how it made you feel isn't worth making a bad decision with how you react (your words, your body language, your reactions, stress eating, gossiping, etc.)
YOU have the power within you to shrug things off and not take it personally.
YOU have the power to give it over to God and maintain your smile!

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