Saturday, April 7, 2012

Push It Real Good.

If you follow my blog regularly you're probably aware I've been struggling to motivate myself to do workouts other than cardio.  If I wasn't doing an hour of high-impact dance aerobic, I found it difficult to influence myself to dedicate even 15 or 20 minutes to toning.  I've even added this to my Wednesday Wow Factor dream focus for the last two weeks. 

Last night I came across two blog posts that really changed my outlook.  The posts, written by fitness and nutrition expert JJ Virgin, are 15 Common Culprits that Sabotage Your Fast Fat Loss & Create Weight Loss Resistance (Part 1) and (Part 2).  She describes several weight loss resistance issues people face.  The best thing is that they're easy to fix!

In the post, JJ talks about cardio as a potential weight loss resistor saying "Endurance training, which involves working out consistently at a heart rate of 70% or more of your maximum heart rate for at least 30 minutes, can raise stress hormones that break down muscle and depress your immune system.  This constant adrenal stress slows down your metabolism to conserve energy.  Stop wasting hours and your health on the elliptical machine and incorporate burst training. A study in Exercise and Sport Science Reviews, for instance, showed that just 15 minutes of burst training over two weeks improved your fat-burning muscle metabolism. You couldn’t get those benefits with hours of aerobics classes."

It's almost like I've been given permission to do workouts other than cardio!  I know I could've made this decision on my own prior to reading this article, but sometimes we just need it click in our heads.  Now, instead of putting off workouts because they aren't an hour long, I can mix it up with workouts I can fit in my schedule!  Some nights I can do an hour of dance... other nights I'll fit in 15 minutes of toning to prepare for tank top season!

I really believe we should make exercise fun so we can enjoy it, not dread it.  I LOVE Zumba and most any kind of dancing.  It's so exciting and feels more like a party than working out!  But I've found that a playlist of upbeat, motivating music can really make toning and exercise go by faster and seem more enjoyable.  If I'm on a treadmill, I envision myself in stilettos on a runway in an 'America's Next Top Model' competition!  I crank up my best runway song, create the "wind in the hair" effect, turn the sass to 20, and just work it out!


Now push it.  PUSH IT REAL GOOD!


  1. This is so true about exercise, that I am learning very slowly, kind of the hard way! My tranier, Mandy, is SO supportive of strength training and interval cardic. She strength trains herself 6 days a week and does interval cardio (about 25 minutes) 2 times a week! It is SO opposite of EVERYTHING I used to believe about exericise!
    Right now I am committed to 2 strength classes a week with Mandy. I am getting a little anxious b/c I am not going to be able to work with her this summer b/c of my change in work schedule, so I am going to have to motivate myself to do my own strength sessions! She is still going to be able to support me, but I will have to do the work!
    I am really enjoying Jazzercise and it feels like a good workout to me. I try to make it "interval" by alternating between the high impact, the REALLY high impact and the low impact effort I give it. I try to go 100% for at least one song at the top of the cardio curve. I am at least THINKING interval cardio as I am jazzing my way through the music! We also do weights and abs at the end, so I am getting some of that as well.
    It's all part of the mind set chaning, though...I see exercise SO differently that I did even 6 months ago. It is simply something I do, not MUST do, but just do. It doesn't feel like torture or a dreaded chore anymore. I have also given myself permission to be OK with skipping a day here and there. For the most part, the mind playing dialouge of convincing myself to exercise (talking myself into doing it) is almost gone..not completely, but most of the time, I simply go and do, no disucssion. Push it, push it REAL GOOD!!!

  2. I'm pumped that you view it differently now! I'm getting there... I just need to implement it. That mind shift certainly takes time, doesn't it? I just keep telling myself "You didn't put on this weight overnight. You won't lose it overnight either. It takes effort most of the day, every day. Keep going and don't give up!" And that makes me PUSH IT!!!!!!! :)