Thursday, April 26, 2012

Peace, Man!

I love how I feel when I read this.  And how peaceful are the words "calm in your heart", right?  To have "calm in your heart" during the midst of trials and chaos is truly a blessing in and of itself. 

I've had a few days of hard work, trouble, and lots of noise around me.  The devil's been talkin' again (as he does when you're moving in the direction of the dreams God put in your heart).   He wants to get me down, make me feel defeated, make me feel insecure, and doubt my abilities. 

But you know what?  I don't have to listen and believe those lies.

I can have peace and calm in my heart while in the midst of chaos and know there's a plan and purpose for me.  I know I have a calling and God knows what He's doing!  Why should I doubt Him?

As some dreams were unfolding today, I was awestruck by the overwhelming sense of peace I felt as the details were revealed one by one.  I knew something big was in store and that getting there might be a challenge.  But when you bring creative minds together and start collaborating, amazing things can happen!  It was another reminder of how truly awesome God is.  When you actively focus on your dreams, great and mighty things will happen... even if the details change. 

Oh, and I was so focused on my dreams today I forgot about eating lunch altogether.  WHAT?  Shocking for me.  It's not really a good thing, but it's a huge improvement from the emotional eater I used to be (and am still working to overcome).  Regardless, it made me feel good.  And I love how my dreams are coming true! 

I wish the same for every one of you reading this.  I pray you will lead your life in the direction of your dreams and will feel this kind of peace in the midst of chaos!

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