Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Fears... They're All In Your Head

I went into work today to find an e-mail with a subject of 'Zumba' from someone in Human Resources.  The message said "I haven't forgotten about you.  Please give me a call when you have a chance." 

The background: For two years I've worked really hard to try and implement lunchtime Zumba classes at our company as a fun way to get fit, relieve stress, and bond with our co-workers.  It was actually on my dream list.  The whole endeavor has been a real challenge and a few weeks ago I questioned if I even wanted it pursue it anymore.  I left it alone, focusing on other things.  Then, out of the blue, this e-mail shows up!

I called the "sender" and she had good news... they have a location for us and it's closer to a reality than ever before!  There are a few things I needed to confirm and then we can proceed in an effort to begin Zumba!  During our phone conversation, she said "You're going to teach the class, right?"  I said "Oh no, I'm not certified... although I've thought about it!"  She encouraged me to pursue certification, which felt really awesome.

I've heard this same encouragement from several people in the month of April and it just won't leave my spirit.  I've actually had friends beg me to get certified! It's interesting when other people believe in you more than you believe in yourself. 

So what are the fears in my head saying about getting certified? 
"You're overweight and you don't look like a fitness instructor.  Who would want to take a class you're leading?"

"You'll probably be the only overweight person at the certification training?" 

"The training costs a lot of money."

"You're busy enough as it is.  Can you really add another commitment to your life when you're trying to create a balance and set boundaries?"

"When will you have time to create or learn new dance routines?"

How am I responding to those lies?
"Sure I'm overweight.  And chances are most of the people in the class will be overweight, too.  It might actually make them feel more comfortable having someone who's not super-fit lead the class.  I'm a fun person and I have a blast doing Zumba.  No matter what, it will always be a great time!" 

"There's no way to know who will be at the training and how much they weigh.  I know I'm not the only "overweight" person to become certified and I won't be the last.  We're all there to get fit and I'll be making a dream come true!"

"The training is slightly expensive, but I can make it work.  It's worth the sacrifice.  Plus, I'll eventually earn money while I'm getting fit.  BONUS!"

"I've been seeking a convenient way to get fit and have some "me" time.  What better way than during lunch hours?  I'll have all evening with the family on those nights with fitness checked off my dream focus for those days!"

"The great thing about Zumba is that I can use my creative side to have fun with the routines, so it doesn't have to be a "chore".  It will be fun!"


That, my friends, is how you talk back to your fears!  (Thank you, God, for helping me see the truth and discern the lies!) 

Currently there are no scheduled Zumba Basic instructor trainings in my area (I thought there was one in a couple of weeks but it's for existing instructors).  When the next one is scheduled, I will be there getting certified!


  1. Way to KNOCK down the fears and fight back!!!! What great "self talk"!!
    I think you will be an AMAZING Zumba instructor!!! It's obviously something you are passionate about and would also fulfill some of that "balance" you are looking for!
    GO FOR IT and JUST DO IT!!!!

  2. Thanks, Kendra!! Self-talking is pretty frequent these days (and totally crucial).

    It's just so much fun to do, so why not make it more of a leadership role and rock it, right? I'm kind of excited to think about choreographing fun routines to songs I like to dance to. It will be so much fun!

  3. My BFF, Jenn, is a certified Zumba instructor in IL. If you need any pointers, let me know and I'll hook you up!

  4. AWWWWWWWWWWWWESOME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!