Tuesday, April 17, 2012

So What?

A Facebook status from 'Beck Diet Solution'...
Monday Motivation: "When dieters get off track, they often truly forget how good it feels to be in control of their eating. Therefore, the thought of getting back on track usually feels much more daunting and burdensome than it really is – because once they’re there, they feel so great about it."

Wow.  I really needed this today.

While viewing my LoseIt food and exercise log this morning, I noticed that I'd gone over my weekly budget the last three weeks.  And I noticed a trend.  The amount of calories increased each week, and yesterday (the beginning of the week) I just plain went haywire with my eating, going 702 calories over my daily budget.  I doubt an hour of Zumba would burn that many calories.  Of course, I didn't workout to burn it off. 

I'm trying to calm myself down and not hyperventilate about this trend. 

And I'm not freaking out that it will be too difficult to fix these minor issues. 

I'm just realizing I need to get away from everything for an hour to refocus, think about the importance of my dreams, recommit to myself, then get up and move forward!  I LOVE how great it feels when I'm doing the right thing!  I LOVE noticing that my once tight-fitting clothes have become comfortable... or better yet, too big!  I love feeling proud of myself when I actually craved something good instead of something bad!  I love feeling that sense of accomplishment when I share my Wednesday Wow Factor and it's full of things that went well!

So I "fell" three weeks in a row. 
So what? 

So day one of this week started out as a challenge. 
So what? 

It's ONLY day one... I have six more to go!  I can fix this... I can stand up and move forward because I believe in myself!

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