Monday, April 30, 2012

Customize Your Life

I was reminded today that I'm definitely not alone in my struggle to stay motivated throughout my weight loss journey.  Many others are struggling, too.  And I'm finding the things that motivated me when I began focusing on my dream aren't necessarily the same things that motivate me 17 weeks later. 

But that's okay! 

I know a BRILLIANT, AMAZINGLY TALENTED teenage boy who once said "What's the point of living if you can't customize your life?"  What a great quote, right?  :)   I may be partial to this boy and this quote, but it actually really speaks to me right now....

My dream is super-important to me.  I want it to come true.  I will do whatever it takes to keep moving in that direction.  And what works for some people may or may not work for me.  So, if I need to customize my life, I'm gonna do it!

Here's the first thing I've done to change things up... and it's really working!  As much as I love doing Zumba, I get tired of doing the same DVDs alone in the basement.  So I started exploring online and found several videos on YouTube of different Zumba routines.  That's a fun way to change things up.  The only issue I've had is when the video starts "buffering".  That can be frustrating and seems to happen right when my heart rate is up where I want it!  

My other new addition is exploring the free videos in the Health & Wellness category.  There are several options such as yoga, pilates, toning, and more.  This has actually helped me to add those toning sessions I've been struggling with for a while! 

In addition to fitness, I keep coming up with additional benefits of losing weight.  Noticing the weight loss in my face has really made a difference in my outlook and has given me a new spark!  It makes me want to keep going!  I love how I feel when I think of of how great the accomplishment will be when my dream becomes my reality! 

Every choice we make today will affect our future... we just have to decide how we want that to look and then proceed accordingly.

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